IWC The new Aquatimer collection presented by Christian Knoop, Creative Director

— Together with Christian Knoop, let’s have a look at the new Aquatimer Replica Watches UK to be released in January 2014!

“I come from a small German town, Kleve, near the Dutch border and I remember my childhood as very creative with my liberal-minded parents. At least it was before my three siblings were born. When the family grew from three to six, my crayon drawings on wallpaper and floors were frowned upon,” IWC Creative Director Christian Knoop tells me over burgers at the quaint The Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam where IWC have their Northern Europe headquarters. It is also the city where Knoop spent two years designing industrial products and overseeing brand strategy for a handful of companies including Philips Design in Amsterdam.

I am sitting with Knoop to have a look at the all-new Aquatimer models that are the talking pieces from IWC in 2014. But before we go through these watches I want to know about his five years with the famed Swiss Rolex Replica watch manufacturer.

“I was headhunted for the job and in the beginning I wasn’t told the brand. I was just informed about a watch company that was looking for a creative person with a 360-degree vision for the brand as whole and not just the Replica Watches UK. I was of course very excited when I realised that IWC was the mystery brand.”


IWC - Aquatimer IW379503

The bronze version of the Aquatimer is fitted with a rubber strap only.


Creative Director of everything IWC

Even if Knoop was excited to know that IWC wanted him to work for them, it was not a longstanding interest in watches that made him decide to take the job. “I don’t even recall ever sketching a single watch prior to that. My interest in watches has developed throughout the years of working with the talented team of 15 designers that take care of the actual watch design as well as graphic design and trade marketing. I oversee the whole process. From watches to brochures and boutique interiors. I like to design watches, but I don’t see myself a watch designer,” Knoop claims, even though he likes to refer to Ferdinand E. Porsche as the inspiration for the new Aquatimer range. “I see the 1982 Porsche Design Ocean 2000 as an iconic timepiece,” says Christian with a smile revealing genuine affection for the legendary designer who introduced the first titanium watches produced by IWC.

The Aquatimer models in 2014 do not really look anything like the illustrious Ocean 2000, nor is any of the new range made of titanium. Nevertheless, Knoop uses this watch as a reference. “I think the Ocean 2000 had a pure design and perfect aesthetics.”


Christian Knoop wearing the striking bronze Aquatimer with an inhouse chronograph movement, Calibre 89365.
© Kristian Haagen


Double bezel

It is however the very first IWC Aquatimer from 1967 that is the true reference for the creation of the new Aquatimer, as this original diver’s Replica Watches featured an inner turning bezel to read decompression times when diving. While the new Aquatimer does indeed feature this inner bezel, it also has an outer bezel which admittedly might be a nod to the aforementioned Ocean 2000. But how does this double-bezel system work?


SafeDive system

IWC call their new internal/external bezel feature the SafeDive system. The mechanism combines the advantages of an internal rotating bezel, which engages in steps of precisely one minute and protects the mechanism against dirt and seawater, with the ease of use of an external rotating bezel that can be easily handled by a diver wearing gloves or with cold fingers. A sliding clutch system connects the two rings by transmitting the rotation of the external bezel to the inside of the case and the internal bezel.

This SafeDive system is truly a fascinating new feature, a first for me at least. But on top of this novel device, the 2014 Aquatimer models are also equipped with a new and improved bracelet quick-change system designed and developed by IWC. Although the current collection also offers a quick-change system, the latter was developed and patented by Jaeger-LeCoultre.


The Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Galapagos Islands” offers an attractive black coating of galvanized rubber.


The underwater catwalk

In 2014 the Aquatimer also offer a spectacular bronze chronograph version, the Chronograph Edition “Expedition Charles Darwin”. This is a first for the Swiss Replica Watches manufacturer, which has never used this material before. It is not a limited edition, meaning fans of this popular material do not need to panic.

Alongside the bronze chronograph model, the 2014 Aquatimer collection offers the Chronograph Edition “50 Years Science for Galapagos” limited to 500 pieces, the Chronograph Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau”, the Chronograph in stainless steel with a black or silver-plated dial and the Automatic in stainless steel with black or silver-plated dial, complemented by a matching black rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet.


The Aquatimer Automatic 2000 pay homage to the Ocean 2000 as well as acknowledging the tradition of deep-diving watches from the Swiss manufacturer. The movement is inhouse Calibre 80110.


For dedicated IWC fans of haute horlogerie, the Aquatimer collection released in 2014 also offers a spectacular 49-millimetre Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month which is limited to only 50 pieces. This is actually the biggest watch offered by IWC since the original B-Uhr aka Big Pilot was launched in 1940.

Avid divers will also be pleased to know that IWC is releasing the Aquatimer

Deep Three in titanium (Ref. IW355701) with depth gauge as well as the Aquatimer Automatic 2000 that pays tribute not only to the Ocean 2000, but also to the tradition of truly deep-diving Breitling Replica Watches from IWC.

The new IWC Aquatimer will be presented during the SIHH watch show in Geneva from January 20th to 24th 2014.

Swiss Replica Watches | They are not just flashy Glimpse born to commemorate

2013 has gone , the new 2014 calendar has begun, that lost time , as a memento of those who Rolex Replica watches, never absent records. Recalling 2013 , those or anniversary celebration, or for charity , or to sporting events and other events that students watch, they are not just flashy sights , but the memories embedded in his memory in time.
Raymond Weil Jiaming Series commemorative Fake Watches UK Turandot

Famous Swiss watch brand Raymond Weil in 2013 SIHH occasion , introduced Jasmine ( Jiaming ) Series Turandot commemorative watch , pay tribute to Puccini’s opera ” Turandot” heroine. Which watch studded with 29 diamonds, dial shaped like a blooming jasmine , delicate curves depict flowers blooming . There are two kinds of rose gold and steel material selection, with a leather strap or metal bracelet.
Vacheron Constantin watch to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Paris Opera

Vacheron Constantin from 2007 began sponsoring the Paris Opera, the Paris Opera House to take the 30th anniversary of opportunities, it also shows the time since the creation of value in mind : to master the art of ultimate spiritual heritage craft , handmade fine Patek Philippe Replica watchmaking tradition nurtured , Dayton creation a series of 12 unique in the world of work , to commemorate the great composers.

JeanRichard Oxford and Cambridge rowing race Commemorative Edition

As the official name of rowing timepieces, Swiss Piaget Replica watches brand JeanRichard Oxbridge Rowing Championships and also hold a team insisted philosophy of life goals, this idea prompted JeanRichard teams in the color theme, design a Aquascope Omega Replica watches new exclusive game. While this has a self-winding mechanical movement limited special edition Aquascope 160.
Howley Royal Infirmary flight team Limited Edition

Royal medical flight team (RFDS), in Australia for emergency air medical rescue plays the role of primary health care to be provided, in order to reward them for their dedication, (Oris) launched a new limited edition of 2,000 balls of RFDS limited edition commemorative watch, so that the benefits can RFDS continuing to extend this vast land.
Howley commemorative watch when the swallows No.

(Hirondelle) limited edition Breitling Replica watches to commemorate the history of the Swiss boat in the paddle steamer “Swallow Road” (Hirondelle), while meaningful aboard the steamboat in 1862 sank in Lake Geneva, now just 152 years.

Paradoxes for the New Year Cheap Fake Watches UK

5th Forum de la Haute Horlogerie

The 5th Forum de la Haute Horlogerie, held in November at the IMD in Lausanne, prompted us to focus our thoughts on paradox. Speakers enlightened us as to the abundance of apparently illogical yet very real situations in the world today. Situations which can help us better understand changes in the markets and social contexts. In the hope that I have taken this lesson onboard, it’s now my turn to suggest paradoxes which may warrant further reflection in 2014 Cartier Replica Watches UK.

URGENT AND IMPORTANT. Managers are constantly submerged by urgent matters. Their days are an endless succession of emails, phone calls, business trips and development projects of all kinds. Yet faced with this deluge of urgent affairs, there is a very real risk that we lose sight of the real priority, namely what is important and will remain so for a long time to come. Truly important business is rarely urgent: driving forward action that will support a brand’s DNA should be a question of method and organisation, not a race against time. Regrettably, this isn’t how it works. The paradox being that constant bombardment by minor emergencies often distracts us from what is important in the long term.

REMEMBER AND FORGET. The world of luxury is about legacy. Established brands patiently cultivate their heritage, showcase their archives, and rediscover the traces they have already left in history. But memory isn’t a sarcophagus. Rather it is a mine from which the wise guardian, as the Gospel reminds us, will extract both ancient and modern, nova ac vetera. It is, from time to time, permitted and even judicious to forget: forget procedures that no longer make sense, forget territorial or geographic prejudice, forget ambitions that are not sufficiently rooted in foresight. When we lighten our mental burden, we free our memory and allow it to concentrate on authentic, efficient, noble concerns. That we cannot give full expression to our historic memory because we are stifled by pointless routines is a paradox.

RICH AND POOR. We hear that the world is becoming a place of less violence and more equality. Perhaps. What we see is the migration of wealth and a disparate spread of riches. In certain contexts, possibly we are moving towards greater access to freedom and democracy, but elsewhere we witness the gradual impoverishment of the middle class, a multiplication of astronomically large fortunes, a hoarding of riches that will never bear fruit, and beneath all this a dangerous tendency towards inequality. That’s the way of the world, some might say.

In reality it is a paradox: while we strive to provide a growing number of people with food, healthcare and education, and luxury brands are important contributors to this, elsewhere we see rampant pauperisation against a backdrop of unprecedented concentration of wealth. The Bible teaches us that the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Let us hope he gives to those in need and rids us of the opportunists who get rich at the expense of others who work. This must be our Swiss Watches Replica common cause.

DeWitt Classic Replica Watches UK Quantième, black dial

— Today, focus on the Classic Quantième featuring a black Replica Watches UK dial, a timepiece equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement.2015 replica watches

The Classic Quantième case is thinner than on the Academia and Twenty-8-Eight collections, and features a refined and understated version of the iconic imperial column motif. The 40 mm-diameter rose-gold case and the soft, curved lines of the horns give an impression of extreme lightness.

Classic Tag Heuer Replica

Classic Quantième, ref.CLA.QUA.001
© Swiss Breitling Replica Watches UK


The movement offers a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. In addition to indicating the hours, minutes, and seconds, the movement has a calendar with days of the week in the aperture at 11 o’clock, months at 1 o’clock and the date using a central hand.

A mother-of-pearl moon phase indicator positioned at 6 o’clock is placed on a “goldstone” sky. Goldstone is a glittering glass discovered in Venice in the seventeenth century, which later developed into the Rolex Replica Watches famous Murano glass.

Replica Jaquet Droz launches three new Ateliers d’Art models that pay tribute to the sign of the Horse

Petite Heure Minute 39 mm IWC Replica Horses

The horse has been a key part of Man’s history since the beginning of time. In 2014, China will mark the arrival of a new year with this sign, the seventh in the Chinese zodiac, which is celebrated by Jaquet Droz every year. It is a way of remembering the connection between the Brand’s founder – the first Rolex Replica UK watchmaker to walk through the gates of the Forbidden City – and the Middle Kingdom. The Brand thus continues its annual tradition by honoring this trusty companion and symbol of loyalty, creativity and daring in its Ateliers d’Art series.

Three exclusive models have been created using the exclusive know-how of Jaquet Droz’s master craftsmen, specialized in highly complex techniques: engraving, painting and Grand Feu enamel. Two Arab thoroughbreds – considered the most beautiful horses in the world – have been delicately painted on the ivory enamel dial of the Petite Heure Minute 39 mm. Captured in full gallop, they seem to want to catch up with the sculptural mustang that appears on the dial of the Petite Heure Minute 43 mm. Extremely wild and difficult to tame, this horse from the American Northwest – depicted in red gold and engraved in bas-relief – seems to jump out from the black enamel.

Petite Heure Minute 41 mm Relief Horse Replica Watches

The champlevé technique, used here for the first time by Jaquet Droz, highlights the movement of the mane and the tail, both filled in with black Grand Feu enamel. On each of these models, a horse’s head is also represented on the back of the white gold oscillating weight. The dial of the Petite Heure Minute 41 mm has been chosen as the showcase to depict a horse rearing up on its hind legs against a backdrop of the Great Wall of China, engraved and patinated by hand on a mother-of-pearl dial. Bold, powerful and elegant, this fearless horse in 18-carat red gold appears to protect the Great Wall, which is also hand engraved on the 22-carat red gold oscillating weight next to the Jaquet Droz signature of two stars.

Loyal to its spirit of exclusivity, Jaquet Droz Replica Watches UK is offering each of these new models in a limited edition of 88 pieces with a red gold case and available on a brown or black alligator leather strap. An opportunity to celebrate all the promises of the new year with constant refinement.

Best Fake Breguet UK Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon 5377

— Pre-released at Baselworld 2013, this extra-thin automatic timepiece returns to centre-stage in a platinum version.

This exceptionally extra-thin Replica Watches is distinguished by an off-centre tourbillon with a carriage in titanium which formulation is protected by several patents. Its movement – the new calibre 581DR – incorporates a balance spring in silicon – lauded for its anti-magnetic properties – and an escapement made of silicon and anti-magnetic steel. These technical characteristics enable it to beat at 4Hz, a high frequency for a Tourbillon. Thanks to the patented “high-energy” barrel, the reference 5377 provides 90 hours of running time.

To keep the height of the movement down to 3mm in a 7mm thick case, Breguet’s watchmakers have placed the bi-directional platinum winding rotor on the periphery of the movement. This technical prowess makes this automatic Tourbillon one of the world’s thinnest.


Breguet Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon 5377

The Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon 5377, in a new platinum façade. © Replica Breguet UK Watches

Stylistically, the dial of this 42mm platinum Rolex Replica watch is decorated with four engine-turned patterns: 1) a hobnail pattern for the hours and minutes chapter; 2) a barleycorn surround; 3) a straight chevron pattern for the power-reserve indicator at 8:30; 4) cross-hatching to outline each feature. A blue sapphire at the centre of the Tourbillon bridge draws the eye down from the hands.

Cvstos VIP Event in Tokyo Replica Watches UK

— A private event took place in Tokyo at World Replica Watches Commerce for the official launch in Japan of Cvstos’ Challenge Dani Pedrosa Limited Edition timepiece.Best Replica Watches

World Rolex Replica Watch Commerce, the brand’s exclusive distributor, organised, together with Moto Navi, the Japanese motorcycle magazine, a private reception. The event gathered together under their common passion for cars the worlds of MotoGP and luxury watchmaking. The main protagonists of this event, Sassoun Sirmakes, the CEO, and Dani Pedrosa, the MotoGP rider, hosted a talk show devoted entirely to the ultra-light timepiece Challenge Dani Pedrosa Limited Edition, of which only 26 pieces have been produced.

The highlight of the evening, the autograph and photo op with Dani Pedrosa around the exhibited Honda Repsol CBR600 motorcycle, followed by conversations with some of the VIP guests on the timepiece launch, have all brought together the luxury UK Omega Replica Watchesmaking and the high-level motorsports worlds.