The Replica Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black Collection (Full Specs)?

Released from New York fresh, here Replica Omega shows a brand new case style to the popular Planet Ocean line–the GMT feature of a completely ceramic diver! This sounds very simple, but Omega has some new features, which they say, is independent of the small planet ocean deep black, when the collection is called, from its competition.


Replica Omega Planet Ocean

The entire planet ocean deep black line is large is 45.5mm in diameter. They are all built from a single ceramic block, and the function of the helium escape valve is at 10 o’clock. Inside, you’ll find the excellent Replica OMEGA Master Chronometer caliber 8906. Perhaps you remember all the great masters of the Chronometer movement through eight tests, through the transfer regulation, and the resistance of an incredible 15,000 Gauss. So you have a total precision of the anti-magnetic movement and a warranty of 4 years.

It is interesting that Replica Omega has designed a new locking system of the case back to ensure that all the engraving on the watch is right after the watch, which is called the ceramic Naiad locking system. Of course, it’s a patent. (through a variety of patent databases at what has become–related patent basically is used to tighten the locking system under the condition of allowing you to Oriental decorative elements, such as sculpture, the appropriate adjustment does not match a given, return a given situation; if you’re curious about it, you can have a look here. The word “naiad” is Greek mythology, refers to the spirit of the water.)

The rubber has been blended with the ceramic especially to create a black border–on the models that are colored, you will find the first 15 minutes in blue or red Liquid metal. The helium escape valve on the “He” will also match. Full ceramic watch–such, dial, and border–there is a brush to complete the case, dial in a variety of examples, and they are in full black and the city like to buy model polishing. You may also watch the GMT scale on the rehaut of all four watches, which makes complications and materials combined interestingly.

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