Longines replica watches UK Future Tennis Aces

— Official Start of the 6th Cheap Replica Longines Future Tennis Aces Tournament.

The draw ceremony for the 6th edition of the Longines Future Tennis Aces 2015 was held on the 28th of May under the attendance of Arnaud Clément, patron for the 2015 edition. The event, hosted by journalist and former French tennis player Sarah Pitkowski, along with Vice-President and Longines International Marketing Director Juan-Carlos Capelli, provided the opportunity to officially introduce the public to the tournament program, organised by Longines replica watches UK since 2010.

This year, 16 young boys under the age of 13 and from 16 different countries will have the opportunity to compete on a court installed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower under conditions identical to those of the Roland-Garros tournament, for which Longines has been the Official Partner and Timekeeper since 2007.

Prior to the tournament, held between May 28 and 30, Longines invited the 16 players to a training camp at the Châtaigneraie Tennis Club – the “Longines Academy” – where they received valuable advice from Rémi Barbarin and Julien Boutter, two specialists in the field.

Longines Future Tennis Aces

The 16 players qualified for the 6th edition of the Longines Future Tennis Aces 2015, with Arnaud Clément, patron of the tournament.
© Longines

After spending the entire week alongside event sponsor Arnaud Clément, these young champions will enjoy a unique experience, while two finalists will get to take part in an exhibition match in his and Michaël Llodra’s company. At the end of the tournament, the winner will receive a cup straight from the hands of FFT President Jean Gachassin, along with a fake Rolex watches from Longines. In addition, the two finalists will receive an annual bursary to finance their equipment until their 16th birthday.

Longines Future Tennis Aces 2015 Program

Thursday May 28, 2015 – 10:15 am – 6 pm Eighth final

Friday May 29, 2015 – 10 am – 5 pm Quarter final followed by semi-finals

Saturday May 30, 2015 – 9:30 am – 12 pm Final, followed by exhibition match with Arnaud Clément and Michaël Llodra

Richard Mille Replica Watches RM27-02: Quartz, but not as we know it

— Quartz? In a replica Richard Mille UK timepiece, how is this possible? Read on to find out…
Richard Mille RM27-02

Just like Yohan Blake in the 100 metres, Felipe Massa on the Formula 1 circuit, Bubba Watson on the golf course and Sébastien Loeb behind the wheel of whatever he happens to be driving, Rafael Nadal wears his replica Richard Mille watches every time he competes. It’s simple: if you want to be a Richard Mille partner, you have to wear the watch, however violent and stressful for it your chosen discipline may be.

For Richard Mille replica watches the brand, the complicated part is ensuring that its highly technical timepieces can take such rough treatment in their stride. But Cheap Replica Richard Mille the man, famous for throwing one of his tourbillons at the wall of a meeting room to prove its resistance in the early days of the brand, seems to have a knack for constant innovation that keeps this capability intact and his brand always one step ahead of the competition.

Richard Mille RM27-02

The distinctive colour and texture of the RM27-02’s case come from a mixture of NTPT(R) carbon and TPT(R) quartz.
© Richard Mille

Unibody for ultimate resistance

The latest example comes in the RM27-02 and its new manually-wound tourbillon calibre. For the first time, Richard Mille has used a combined “unibody” baseplate and caseband in NTPT® carbon, a tough material that the brand has already used in its collection because of its excellent resistance to micro-cracks and splits. There is, therefore, no longer a case middle to the watch and the bezel and case back are assembled directly on to this unibody baseplate. The idea, like that for many of the innovations at Richard Mille, comes from the world of motor racing, where this type of construction offers greater rigidity and greater resistance to impacts – ideal for a watch that will be worn on the wrist of a tennis player capable of hitting a serve at up to 135 miles per hour!

But for Rafael Nadal to be able to wear this watch at all during a tennis match, it must be extremely lightweight as well as highly resistant. So, in spite of being mounted on its own shock absorbers, the movement weights just 3.35 grammes thanks to its lightweight skeleton design and titanium bridges. Nevertheless, even with its fast rotating barrel for improved performance, the manually-wound RM27-02 tourbillon calibre still offers a power reserve of around 70 hours.

Didn’t you mention quartz?

UK Replica Richard Mille took its collaboration with North Thin Ply Technology one step further for the case (or rather the bezel and case back) of the new RM27-02. The ground-breaking new material developed by the duo mixes the NTPT® carbon with TPT® quartz, which consists of over 600 layers of quartz fibres that are saturated in a white resin and then inserted between the layers of the NTPT® carbon, rotating each layer through 45° degrees in the same procedure used to produce the NTPT® carbon itself. Aside from giving a distinctive colour and a unique finish (machining reveals the layers of fibre at random on each piece) to the end product, the quartz fibres also offer the benefits of excellent strength, resistance to high temperatures and transparency to electromagnetic waves.

Richard Mille RM27-02

The solid case back of the Richard Mille RM27-02.
© Richard Mille Fake Watches UK

For the ultimate lightweight touch, the limited-edition RM27-02 (only 50 will be made) comes with a Velcro strap, in a colour not dissimilar to that of the clay found on the courts at Roland Garros.

TAG Heuer Replica Watches Pop-up store

— The brand takes up summer replica watches UK residence in Saint-Tropez. TAG Heuer, St-Tropez

The TAG Heuer pop-up store – opened with its long-term partner and friend Kronometry1999 on Rue Allard in the heart of the village – invites visitors to discover the world of the “Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860” brand in a space entirely redesigned for its relaunch at the start of the 2015 season.

This temporary boutique will host the exclusive launch of the new Rolex replica watches presentation concept soon to be rolled out in all TAG Heuer boutiques worldwide. Developed in-house, it illustrates perfectly the brand’s realignment, beautifully underscoring its four areas of expression: sport, lifestyle, art and Expertise&Heritage. Its taut, stylish lines also reflect the concepts of performance, innovation and avant-garde spirit espoused by the brand, as well as its mindset #DontCrackUnderPressure.

TAG Heuer - Saint-Tropez

© Replica TAG Heuer Watches For Sale

Cheap Replica Watches UK Interview with Pascal Raffy

— Since Pascal Raffy acquired the prestigious Swiss replica watches brand 15 years ago, Bovet has been growing in its collections, its innovations, its manufacturing facilities and its ability to remain independent.

“I am more than happy with where Bovet is,” says owner Raffy. “I am proud and delighted to see that in the last 15 years, we have been able to pay tribute with integrity and faith to our unique patrimony. With our 142 artisans, Bovet stands nowadays as one of the very few true watchmaking houses with facilities able to deliver uniqueness every year for the most beautiful expression of time.”

Under Raffy’s direction, Bovet has been developing innovative timepieces that also highlight traditional watchmaking expertise – hand finishing, métiers d’art, miniature painting, engraving, high complications and more. This has positioned Bovet, which has watchmaking facilities in Tramelan and Môtiers (in the Château de Môtiers, no less) and offices in Geneva, well for the next ten years and beyond. Except for the precious stones and barrel springs, Bovet manufactures all the components for their movements and dials and Bovet is one of the very few brands to use traditional methods to manufacture its own hairsprings.


Workshops at the Château de Môtiers.
© Bovet

“After having celebrated its second century, Bovet will be, in ten years, in the position I dreamt for it in 2001,” says Raffy. “The house of artistry and mechanical skills applied to fine watchmaking — thanks to a very clear strategy of growth based on wisdom.

“For me, it is all about passion and emotion,” he continues. “The Braveheart® tourbillon is the proud ambassador of all the true values of the house of Bovet. With its six patents, this exceptional timepiece incorporates all our expertise in innovation, chronometry and arts. The density and culmination of this timepiece were not lost on fine watchmaking collectors and specialists who unanimously welcomed this feat, as did WorldTempus, who devoted two whole articles to present it!”


Amadeo Fleurier Braveheart.
© replica watches for sale

This doesn’t mean that Raffy is content to sit on his laurels. On the contrary, he is already dreaming of and developing a new timepiece, planned to be ready in three years, that will eclipse the Braveheart.

“Since 1822, Bovet has continually manufactured timepieces with the purest respect for tradition,” Raffy explains. “If you look at some of its 19th-century pocket Rolex replica watches, you would be surprised, even today, by the modernism and boldness Edouard Bovet demonstrated at the time. Many of our technical inspirations come from our unique heritage.

“As for our innovation, it is driven by the fact that when I inspire a new timepiece to our engineers and designers, it starts by defining its ideal technical and aesthetic aspects,” he continues. “Nothing is precluded during this process. It is by striving to achieve these ideal aspects that we sometimes encounter problems that lead us to innovate. Conversely, if we took any problem into account from the outset and tried to circumvent it, we would lose this innovative dimension and would not be able to achieve such density and excellence.”

Moving into the future, the biggest challenge for Bovet is continuing its quest for excellence. “We have to protect our uniqueness for the pleasure of our collectors,” Raffy says. “In fact, we have to be careful not to sell our soul for any type of short term economical considerations. Our singularity is our main asset and life insurance.”

One of the true pleasures for Raffy is the design of a new Bovet timepiece. “My most inspired ideas come to me when I am surrounded by my 19th century timepieces and Mother Nature with its colors and smells,” he details. “In this regard, the Jura Mountains have truly magical powers that do not only stem from the legend as to how fine watchmaking was established in this region.


Château de Môtiers.
© Bovet

“The creation process is unique and always exciting,” he continues. “I transmit to our artisans the specifications defining the desired features and a set of keywords (e.g. chronometry, legibility, uniqueness, poetry, artistry density) in order to provide an initial direction for specific technical expressions. We then draft the first drawings that will allow us to define the overall aesthetics of the timepiece. Only once this step has been validated does the technical department start working on the design and development of the movement. This drives us to find innovative solutions to the problems we encounter without ever deviating from our original objective.”

What does Pascal Raffy think the replica watches UK of 2025 will look like? “As far as Bovet is concerned, we will continue to manufacture finely crafted timepieces, as we have been doing since 1822,” he declares. “We have never been preoccupied with fashion trends, which are by definition temporary. It is precisely this consistency that collectors appreciate. Bovet timepieces in 2025 will be even more accurate, more reliable and will provide an even better showcase for the decorative arts in watchmaking.”

Auctions Antiquorum’s Geneva May replica watches sales results

— The top lot of the sale was the Replica Patek Philippe UK Ref. 2499 Fourth Series retailed by Tiffany & Co, sold for CHF 471,500.
Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 Fourth Series retailed by Tiffany & Co. (lot 504) © Antiquorum

Antiquorum’s May 10th auction of “Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces, totaled CHF 6,549,512 with 121% sold by value. Enthusiastic bidding for the impressive sale of over 500 modern and vintage timepieces was underscored by particularly intense and exciting competition for the Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 Fourth Series retailed by Tiffany & Co. and General MacArthur’s Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso. Bids came in from across the globe including from China, Hong Kong, the United States as well as Switzerland.

The top lot of the sale was the Patek Philippe replica watches Ref. 2499 Fourth Series retailed by Tiffany & Co. (lot 504). The extremely rare and highly coveted 18K yellow gold wristwatch with perpetual calendar attracted global attention and sold to a room bidder for an exceptional CHF 471,500.

The much anticipated Jaeger-LeCoultre Ref. 201 Early Reverso that formerly belonged to Five-Star General Douglas MacArthur (lot 359) also drew tremendous worldwide interest. The historically important and very rare wristwatch inspired highly competitive bidding and sold for CHF 87,500, over four times its high estimate.

Another high point of the sale was the intense bidding for the Louis Audemars for Leroy Highly Important and Ultra Complicated Watch with 11 Complications Presented by King Alphonse XIII of Spain to Count Vicente Santamaria De Paredes (lot 384).After several minutes of spirited bidding, the highly important and ultra-complicated watch was acquired for an astounding CHF 351,750, over twice its low estimate.

The Limited Edition Vacheron Constantin replica watches UK Ref. 30030 “Les Cabinotiers” aroused enormous interest; the skeletonized (lot 495) 18K gold Minute Repeater sold for CHF 303,750, over double its estimate.

The Magnificent and Unique Tourbillon Patek Philippe Replica Watches (lot 181) that was formerly part of the Fake Patek Philippe Watches Private Museum Collection and two-time winner of the observatory first prize brought CHF 243,750.

Pocket watch collectors fiercely competed for the Ilbery Large Chinese Market Watch “A Grand View of the Seashore”; the extremely rare 18K gold champlevé and painted on enamel pocket watch with duplex sold for CHF 231,750, nearly three times its high estimate.

Rare examples of the Replica Rolex UK Paul Newman continue to galvanize collectors; the Rolex Ref. 6239 Paul Nemwan retailed by Tiffany and Co. (lot 418) offered at auction for the first time attained CHF 231,750; while the 18K yellow Gold Rolex Re. 6239 Paul Newman (lot 420) sold for CHF 207,750.

Other exceptional examples from Rolex also achieved important results.  Multiple bidders competed for the Rolex Ref. 6062 (lot 415) which sold for CHF 183,750. Also in high demand, the Rolex Ref. 5513 Explorer Dial Pointed Crown Guard Underline (lot 419) inspired impassioned bidding, finally selling for CHF 116,550. In addition, the Rolex Ref. 6240 So-Called Solo (lot 312) attained CHF 96,150; and the Rolex Ref. 5512 Submariner Meter First Gilt Chaper Ring Pointed Crown Guard (lot 114) sold for CHF 55,000, over twice its high estimate.

Replica Watches UK – HYT H4 Gotham

— With the new HYT exclusive calibre, the H4 Gotham represents the new generation of HYT skeleton replica watches for sale.

The H4 Gotham is the first HYT piece to have a case made entirely from diabolically rigid 3DTP™ carbon. It is also the very first HYT to display the time off-centre on its bezel, rather than on the flange. And finally, it is the first time that HYT has equipped its creation with an all-new technical strap, combining rubber and Nomex™ technical fibre.

“The general idea of the H4 Gotham is to be more sporty and more technical,” emphasises the CEO Vincent Perriard. “The H1 movement and the H4 movement are extremely architectural and technical. Our customers, partners and retailers did not want to see more: they wanted to see it all.”

fake watches UK

The H4 Gotham is a 50-piece limited edition.

To achieve this objective, HYT worked on both segments of the calibre. In the upper part, where the movement prevails, most of the components have been openworked, and the dial eliminated. The entire gear train is visible, as well as part of the barrel. And so that all the parts are directly visible, without adornments, there is a sapphire disc, secured by three anchor points in particular at 4 and 8 o’clock, housing the minute indicator and the power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock.

The lower part of the calibre meanwhile houses the now famed bellows, also known as pistons. Their general vertical architecture remains unchanged however, the cage housing them has been completely redesigned: now, the two barrels are almost entirely visible thanks to a new cut in the 4–8 o’clock segment.

HYT has for the first time engraved the time indexes on the bezel. This frees up a large area of the dial from the indexes, further opening up the whole face for an unobstructed view. The case size of the H4 has been increased to 51 mm to reinforce this feeling of space and maximum openness.

The H4 is a genuine skeleton piece, but its plays of light are more complex than they appear and the Gotham sees a continuous fight between the shadows and the light.

For example, HYT has equipped its H4 with a new sapphire case-back. With a chromium-plated metallised finish, this has a double role: in contact with the skin, the metallised finish reproduces a smoky glass effect. On the movement side, inside the case, the chromium-plated finish gives the illusion of a mirror.

Breitling replica watches UK

The H4 case is entirely made of 3DTP™ carbon, a material used in aeronautic, sailing, and motoring industries because of its interesting resistance / mass ratio.

© HYT – H4 Gotham Fake Rolex Watches

On the time indicator side, red has been chosen to inhabit the capillary of the H4 Gotham. It marks the progress of the hours, with the retrograde display, signature of the brand. This ‘bloody’ tone is also adopted by the seconds wheel at 9 o’clock, as well as the power reserve at 3 o’clock and the strap’s top stitching. On the materials side, HYT has adorned its carbon case with a rubber sheathed screw-down DLC titanium crown. The HYT exclusive skeleton mechanical hand-wound movement has hand-bevelled bridges decorated with Côtes de Genève and provides a power reserve of 65 hours.

TAG Heuer World Surf League Swiss Replica Watches UK Shop

— The World Surf League (WSL) and Fake TAG Heuer today announced the Swiss Rolex replica watchmaker’s sponsorship as “Official Timekeeper” of the WSL Big Wave Tour (BWT).

This multi-year partnership will see the TAG Heuer inject its #DontCrackUnderPressure campaign into the heart of big wave surfing, serving as the Official replica watches UK of the tour, and supporting the “Biggest Wave” and “Biggest Wipeout” components of the annual WSL Big Wave Awards.

Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Group Watch Division and CEO of TAG Heuer commented: “Be Unique, Different and the First has always been my personal philosophy in all my 40 years of activities, from products development to marketing and sponsoring. TAG Heuer is the first luxury brand to enter the Surf World. Our motto #DontCrackUnderPressure fits perfectly with the WSL Big Wave Tour and makes our partnership different and innovative. It will give TAG Heuer replica watches a great boost in terms of connecting with young people, with the support of our friend Kai Lenny and his highly contagious enthusiasm.

cheap replica watches UK

Water resistant to 300 meters, The Aquacer Calibre 5 is the perfect replica Omega UK watches to surf with.
© TAG Heuer

Corum Fake Watches Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 60th Anniversary

— To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Corum presents the new Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 60th Anniversary.

With a tourbillon carriage mounted on enlarged ceramic ball bearings for resilience, the movement has the bridge and base plate machined from brass. With the base plate and bridge terminating at four and eight o’clock on both sides of the movement, the tourbillon appears to be suspended in mid-air. But it is actually tethered to the movement by the two slender steel arms that are part of the bridge.

Finished with a fine straight graining, the base plate is visible through the smoked sapphire dial with a red gold galvanized Corum logo at nine o’clock. Just above it is the fan-shaped retrograde date display. Centered on a snail shaped cam that controls the retrograde function, the date hand crisply jumps from one day to the next, until it reaches the 31st. Then it jumps straight back to 1, marking the start of a new month.

replica watches UK

The Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 60th Anniversary is a limited Edition of 60 pieces.
© Corum

From the rear, the view through the sapphire display back is equally panoramic. Instead of a conventional full rotor that would impede the view of the tourbillon, the caliber CO 016 is equipped with a micro-rotor decorated with the Corum logo in 18k red gold. Just 17 mm in diameter, the micro-rotor has a winding efficiency of two, meaning it can wind the mainspring to its full autonomy of 72 hours.

But the essential detail that embodies the history of the Admiral’s Cup is the chapter ring with its 12 nautical pennants. Positioned as the hour markers, the pennants are a subtle reminder of the nautical heritage of the Admiral’s Cup. Echoing the 12 nautical pennants is the 12-sided bezel of the red gold case. With a 42 mm diameter and just 13 mm high, the case is constructed to be elegant yet robust, with a water resistance of 50 m.

Forever Replica Watches UK Store

Back side of the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 60th Anniversary.
© Corum Swiss Replica Watches