Kerbedanz Quintum Swiss Replica Watches

— Quintum replica watches for sale from Kerbedanz is inspired by ancient chinese mythology.
Kerbedanz, Quintum

“Quintum minute repeater” draw its origin from the ancient Chinese civilisation and represents the five elements or the four cardinal points seen from the earth: the water in the north, represented by the Turtle enlaced by the black Snake; the metal to the west, represented by the white celestial Tiger; the Fire in the south, figured by the Chinese Red Phoenix or the red Bird Vermilion; the Wood in the east, represented by the blue-green or turquoise Dragon; and finally the Earth in the center, represented by the yellow Unicorn or Qi-Lin, a kind of chimera.

Quintum comes in a 45 mm polished and satin-finished 18K rose gold case. On the dial made from solid rose gold in two-layers feature visual animations with the movements of the leg of Qi-Lin, the wings of the Vermilion Bird and the oscillations of the Turtle enlaced by the Snake. The case as well as the dial are designed, manufactured and hand decorated by Kerbedanz.

Kerbedanz - Quintum Répétition Minutes

Quintum minute repeater.
© Kerbedanz

The timepiece is powered by a mechanical hand-wound tourbillon KRB-05 calibre, minute repeater and animations, designed, manufactured and decorated by Kerbedanz, La Fabrique du Temps and Concepto. The cheap replica Rolex watches beats at a frequency of 21,600 vib/h, while enjoying a 100-hour power reserve.

Quintum is fitted with an alligator mississippiensis leather strap equipped with a rose gold folding clasp with a special Kerbedanz design. The fake Rolex watches is a limited edition of 2 unique pieces.

Kerbedanz - Quintum Répétition Minutes

Quintum’s sketch.
© Kerbedanz


Gucci Replica Watches Horsebit

— Replica Gucci presents new additions to its Horsebit collection.
Horsebit © Gucci

Gucci’s horsebit motif is one of the House’s most recognizable designs and, in recent times the icon has been worked into an elegant collection of timepieces. Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry extends this collection with six new models, including three with soft colored leather straps.

This ensemble of replica watches for sale is rendered in a new intermediate size (30mm) or in a medium version (34mm). The curved stainless steel horsebit case houses a stylish white-lacquered dial. These are accented by a modern mix of indexes and Roman numerals, together with the Gucci logo at 3 o’clock.

A quartz movement powers the hours and minutes.


Horsebit, 34mm, ref. YA140403.
© Gucci Fake Watches

The collection is rounded off by two steel variants, which see the horsebit case teamed with a polished stainless steel bracelet.

Three other models are worked in a special, soft “grand prix leather”. The color of these straps ranges from red, brown to brick red, taking its cue from this season’s palette.

Completing the collection is a classic camel variant offered with a calfskin leather strap and contrasting beige top-stitching.


Horsebit, 30mm, ref. YA140501 et YA140502.
© Replica Gucci Watches UK


Louis Moinet Derrick Gaz

— The tourbillon-powered Derrick Gaz combines automaton and Rolex replica watchmaking prowess.

The Derrick Gaz is a wholescale invention: a timepiece at the crossroads of high precision, watchmaking art and the great tradition of automatons. The piece is intended to be both technical and fun. Based on an attentive observation of the traditional gas extraction systems of the nineteenth century, it is fitted with an expansive tourbillon, one of Louis Moinet’s distinctive hallmarks.

The gas derrick rises up on the left-hand side of the timepiece. This large openwork structure is made from 18-carat gold, a reproduction in every detail of the derricks dedicated to underground exploration. Similarly, in the middle there is a replica of a drill – an endless screw that is also in endless movement on the Derrick Gaz, rotating about its axis once every 2.5 seconds.

The gas begins its journey along the pipeline, symbolized by the tourbillon bridge, suitably curved in exactly the right tubular shape to maintain the distinctive aesthetic appearance of the timepiece. The same type of bridge is also to be found beneath the regulator system for the hours and minutes.

The gas pipeline leads to the valve handle  – which controls the flow of fuel on a real-life gas network- and is connected to the crown: when the timepiece is wound by hand, the valve handle turns too.

The pipeline continues its path to a white dial: the gas derrick’s manometer serves as the Power Reserve indicator for the Derrick Gaz. Everything on it is a faithful reproduction of the real manometers to be found on gas networks.

The journey comes to a natural close at 3 o’clock, where the gas is stored in a tank made from fully polished 316L steel.


The Derrick Gaz, a piece intended to be both technical and fun.
© Ateliers Louis Moinet replica watches for sale

The Derrick Gaz will feature many of Louis Moinet’s distinctive style marks: luminous Dewdrop hands, a 255-part Louis Moinet LM42 movement decorated with wave-pattern Geneva Stripes, sunray brushing and pearling, a Fleur-de-Lys applique, and a patented 47 mm Louis Moinet case. The dial will also be decorated with a coloured, lacquered Clou de Paris concentric pattern – a first in Louis Moinet collections.

The timepiece boasts a three-day power reserve and will be available in two exclusive limited editions of 28 pieces each, in 5N 18-carat rose gold with a black dial, and PD150 18-carat white gold with a blue dial.

De Bethune “De Bethune is undoubtedly the biggest of the small brands”

— Interview with Pierre Jacques, CEO of De Bethune.

De Bethune has been taking on challenges since 2002, so what new ones are you anticipating between now and 2020 ?

De Bethune must maintain its independence, its mind-set, its vision of watchmaking and design, and protect its roots without giving way to siren’s calls, opting for quantity over quality or becoming a marketing brand. Our watchmaking Manufacture’s respect for tradition and innovation requires a great deal of rigorous care. The inspiration of maestro David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet’s watchmaking genius must continue and we make no concessions at all, whether in terms of technical know-how or in terms of aesthetics or finishing.

Have clients’ expectations changed ?

Of course, clients of niche brands are increasingly demanding. These days we are far from the era when certain people took advantage of their naivety and of easy money. Today, customers pay attention to the sustainability of a brand, to its ability to ensure after-sales service in ten or 20 years, to the intrinsic value of products. In addition, from a certain price level upwards, clients demand exclusivity, be it in terms of design or movement, and they don’t want to see it elsewhere with just a few cosmetic alterations. These are legitimate expectations that De Bethune has long since demonstrated its ability to meet. In 14 years, our Manufacture has also completely designed 19 calibers in-house from start to finish, and a De Bethune replica watches UK is instantly recognizable without us needing to specify the name of the brand on the dial.

In 2015, we will be presenting our first GMT caliber, while a large number of other projects will come to fruition in the short, medium or long term.

Finally, clients express a growing need for personalization to which our totally integrated Manufacture can respond very favorably, and as a result we devote more than 10% of our production to one-off pieces.

Which 2015 innovation do you expect to have the best results from a commercial point of view? And which piece are you most proud of ?

To respond to your first question, the reaction of the market to the launch of our first sports model, the DB28GS with a rubber strap and folding clasp which sells for around CHF 70,000 has been very encouraging. This will definitely be our bestseller. In parallel, the DB25 Tourbillon Zodiac has made us very proud: this is one of our most beautiful calibers featuring a tourbillon with jumping seconds and silicon escapement, but above all, the engraving on the dial is quite exceptional. Inspired by 18th century artisanal engraving techniques, its dial is made of gold, steel and titanium adorned with highly refined motifs.


DB25T Zodiac.
© De Bethune

Does De Bethune really need Gaël Monfils to sell replica watches UK?

De Bethune does not need Gaël Monfils to sell watches and Gaël Monfils does not need De Bethune to play tennis. It is simply a personal story between a tennis player who is passionate about Rolex replica watches, who loves De Bethune and the fact that the brand stands out from the crowd, and who in return appreciates this excellent player whose game is so different to that of his peers in tournaments. It is a meeting of minds above all, and we are only at the start of this partnership. We are thinking about developing a piece based on this collaboration, into which our revolutionary silicon/platinum balance wheel with a triple pare-chute system could be incorporated and put to the test of Gaël Monfils’ swing.

TAG Heuer has announced that it is ceasing its high-frequency research. Where is De Bethune in its work on resonics ?

Work is continuing of course, and we continue to share the results of our research on this theme because since the beginning we have published everything on a site that can be accessed by anyone. The investigative scope is very broad and we are making good progress, but from there to establishing a production calendar for a very high frequency model with resonics… This is very fundamental research, which is De Bethune’s raison d’être. Denis Flageolet and his team are constantly exploring new horizons. You know, six people including five engineers working full time on R&D actually represents 10% of our production staff, which is a huge ratio !

Before joining De Bethune, you managed Les Ambassadeurs in Geneva. How do you feel about the retail trade today ?

This trade has undergone a radical change. In 30 seconds and just one click, a client can decide to buy a fake watches UK in Geneva, Hong Kong and New York. There is no way you can simply wait for him to walk in the door these days. Retailers need to reinvent themselves, offer an irreproachable welcome and watchmaking knowledge that will make clients trust them, otherwise there is no reason at all to go there. Shopping has become international.

If you could do it again, would you re-open your De Bethune boutique in Geneva?

For sure ! De Bethune is undoubtedly the biggest of the small brands. Our boutique in Geneva acts both as a sales and a marketing tool and the image it drives is incomparable. Don’t forget that you need to be present in your country in order to be strong abroad. In addition, although our exclusive production runs at about 350 pieces a year, our retailers rarely have more than ten in the shop. Our boutique allows us to display all our collections. Just this morning, we sold the very last in our DB28 Aiguille d’Or limited series, which celebrated the ultimate accolade received at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2011.

Jeanrichard Replica Watches Terrascope Chrono Carbon

— The Swiss luxury replica watches UK for sale manufacturer Jeanrichard unveils the Terrascope Chrono Carbon fake watches, a limited and numbered edition of 200 pieces.

The all-black limited edition model represents accuracy paired with high-tech manufacturing, making it the perfect timepiece for chronograph and carbon aficionados, while paying further tribute to the bondage between the element of earth and Jeanrichard with its Terrascope collection.

The Terrascope Chrono Carbon timepiece represents a recognizable and sharp masculine look, which consists of a multi-layer carbon-fiber case made out of unidirectional carbon fibers, known for being double as strong and resistant to compelling forces. In addition, the timepiece comes with two pusher bumpers in carbon fiber composite to set the Chronograph function.

Jeanrichard - Terrascope Chrono Carbon

The Terrascope Chrono Carbon (ref. 60550-36-601-FK6A) is a limited and numbered edition of 200 pieces.
© Jeanrichard

The bezel is also made out of unidirectional carbon fiber and is accentuated with applied rhodium-coated indexes and a red-marked seconds hand – this gives the replica watches for sale a slick and smooth style, in combination with the cushion-shaped case. A black “Rubbergator” strap complements the elegant and tone-in-tone look and features a black titanium-folding buckle. The “engine” of this chronograph timepiece comes in the form of a self-winding JR66 movement and is revealed through the screwed-down sapphire crystal case back.

Lady Women stake their claim on previously male territory

— Feminine watchmaking has constantly diversified since watchmakers grasped that women are not only attracted to sparkling, shiny models. Mechanical horology and restrained design are very much in favor with certain models that transcend gender barriers.

Men, women, fashion… Gender-based definitions were undoubtedly simpler a few years ago. From chic tuxedo style suits to shirts, XXL pullovers, boyfriend jeans, and now watches, women are consistently encroaching on men’s turf when it comes to style. The watch industry, although often referred to as fiercely traditional, is certainly not remaining aloof from this overall trend and is indeed very much in tune with the times. Moving on from primarily jewelry Rolex replica watches or the straightforward miniaturization of masculine models, with which women had to make do for many years, a far more varied offer has been steadily emerging which also includes a number of unisex models.

It is now acknowledged that femininity can also be expressed without diamonds and gleefully revels in conveying mixed messages. Take the J12.G10 by Chanel, which diverts the legendary NATO military strap to make it a feminine attribute. A very original approach! In the same way, a sizeable men’s fake Rolex watches on a dainty wrist can doubtless also considerably boost the glam factor.

Chanel J12.G10 NATO Chromatic Bleue

J12.G10 NATO Chromatic Bleue.
© Chanel

Through the looking glass

Watches by H. Moser & Cie are a perfect illustration of this phenomenon, notably with the Venturer collection which has successfully welcomed a Small Seconds model featuring a simple yet extremely eye-catching look. While its classic and frill-free design may carry masculine connotations, plenty of women are showing an interest. Especially since at the heart of this refined aesthetic beats a precise, high-performance movement that also appeals to the ladies. When a watch connoisseur explains that his wife his constantly “stealing his Moser”, it is easy to see why. And because this is doubtless not an isolated case, one can only suggest to the brand that it take a look on the feminine side of the looking glass.

H. Moser & Cie - Venturer Small Seconds

Venturer Small Seconds.
© H. Moser & Cie.

While H. Moser & Cie is not specifically geared towards women, other brands that had hitherto flaunted a testosterone-laden image are now breaking free of gender constraints and clearly eyeing up the feminine market. It’s all about discreetly slipping into feminine territory while maintaining powerfully distinctive identity codes. With the new Portofino Midsize Automatic, IWC now also offers a feminine take on watchmaking. A perfect sprinkling of diamond accents endows the elegant 37 mm cases with a touch of refinement. Depending on the model, the self-winding movement comes equipped with moon-phase Day&Night or date functions that are particularly appreciated by women.

IWC - Portofino Midsize Automatic Moon Phase

Portofino Midsize Automatic Moon Phase.

Breaking free of gender laws

Since it is now clear to all that women are no longer merely interested in straightforward aesthetic exercises, some brands have grasped the value of developing first-rate collections intended for both sexes. The new Harmony collection unveiled by Vacheron Constantin at the SIHH on the occasion of its 260th anniversary admirably demonstrates that feminine customers now (almost) count for as much as their masculine counterparts. Embodying a subtly reinvented expression of the cushion shape, Harmony therefore also comes in two ladies’ models, including a very pretty 260-piece limited-edition chronograph, the first of its kind from Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Dual Time Petit Modèle

Harmony Dual Time Small Model.
© Vacheron Constantin

In a similar vein of gender uniformity, Cartier also distinguishes itself with its brand-new Clé Swiss replica watches that cleverly reinterprets the aesthetic and functional roles of the crown, which is now handled like a key. Feminine or masculine? The border is definitely blurred, and the elegant, flowing lines of the case forming a round shape within an oval certainly seem to escape any gender laws. In turn feminine or masculine, the variations on the Clé de Cartier are intended for a mixed audience essentially drawn to unostentatious elegance.

Cartier - Clé de Cartier

Clé de Cartier.
© Cartier

At the SIHH 2015, Baume & Mercier played catch-up by introducing the famous Classima for the very first time in a ladies’ version. The understated design of the case has been downsized to a 36.5 mm diameter and enhanced with feminine touches including a mother-of-pearl dial and a few diamonds here and there. These models also offer a choice between a quartz or a mechanical self-winding movement. To equal things out and re-establish a balance of power, some brands even go a step further by offering models in pairs, such as Frédérique Constant with its Index Automatic Pair Collection. Within a couple, cheap replica Breilting watches duos should at least keep both partners happy. That being said…

Frédérique Constant - Index Automatic Pair Collection

Frédérique Constant.
© Frédérique Constant


Hysek replica watches IO 45mm Skeleton Tourbillon

— A radiant timepiece, now available in 45mm, with exclusive sapphire crystals. Hysek IO 45mm Skeleton tourbillon

Hysek offers a fresh take on its IO Skeleton Tourbillon: an ultra-minimalist manufacture movement, housed in a rose gold case, water-resistant to 30m. To go with it, the maison has developed an exclusive use for the two sapphire crystals: on one of the two new versions, the decoration of the replica watches UK back extends to the crystal itself, while on the other version, the front features engraved hour markers – doing away with the need for a dial.

Hysek unveiled the IO Skeleton Tourbillon at BaselWorld 2014. The timepiece combines a broad 49mm diameter with ultra-minimalist skeletonization. The result was a radiant watch with light shining right through it, drawing the gaze to its tourbillon and the finishing on its movement. In 2015, Hysek has added a new finishing that elevate the radiance of the original cheap replica watches to an even higher degree.

The new IO Skeleton Tourbillon now features a glass back adorned with a guilloché sunburst motif in a metallic finish. This new decoration accentuates the solar effect: light shining through is seemingly refracted by the historic motif of fine watchmaking so that it radiates out from the centre of the watch to its edges. This new aesthetic approach endows the timepiece with unprecedented, iridescent breadth and depth, further enhancing its brilliance.


IO 45mm Skeleton Tourbillon.
© Hysek

In addition to the ultra-minimalist version, Hysek has also introduced an alternative in which the sapphire crystal has been engraved with Roman numerals on its inner side. In the very best age-old tradition, the watch has twelve conventional hour markers – but placed directly on the watch crystal. This modern approach has allowed Hysek to do away with applique features and even the dial – suddenly superfluous in a watch whose vocation is rather to be as pure and ethereal as possible.

Most of the properties of the original manufacture movement have been retained. The HW14 manual wind calibre dispenses with the need for an oscillating weight – another unwelcome encumbrance when it comes to the IO Skeleton Tourbillon.

The calibre has just 164 components and is fully hand-decorated. Nothing is left to chance in achieving its aesthetic balance. The barrel is located at 7 o’clock, the tourbillon at 11 o’clock. One of the manufacture’s iconic characteristics, the asymmetrical layout contributes here to the IO’s style being both unique in watchmaking and overwhelmingly distinctive.

Moreover, Hysek has applied one of its most emblematic finishes to its in-house HW14 calibre, the Rose des Vents. The manufacture is one of the few remaining firms to craft this ‘compass rose’ finish.

The Rolex replica watch boasts over three days’ running time, with a guaranteed 74-hour power reserve.

Gold replica watches Gold Swiss fake watches for less than the price of an Apple Watch

— Now that we know a little more about the much-hyped Apple Watch, how does its luxury version really compare with what Switzerland has to offer?

The most recent announcements about the Apple Watch finally answered the two questions that had been casually brushed aside at the initial launch, those of battery life and water resistance.

For the former, Apple has reassured its customers that the Apple Watch battery will last for 18 hours on a full charge. That is, however, 18 hours’ worth of minimal use and other reports suggest that a more typical usage scenario could see this drop to less than 7 hours.

The replica Rolex watches UK that tells you how often you can tell the time

The good news is that you can still use the Apple Watch without a connection to your iPhone. In this case the watch becomes a not-so-smart watch and loses the high accuracy provided by the GPS signal from your phone. And while the battery can last for up to 72 hours, it does so at the expense of the watch’s sole purpose: that of telling the time. Below a certain power reserve, the watch enters a low-power mode that Apple happily refers to as “power reserve” mode, which only allows you to check the time four times per hour, making it little more use than a minute repeater in the dark.

Wash, but don’t swim

On the subject of water resistance, Apple certifies its watch under the IP classification used for electronic devices. The IPX7 certification offered by the Apple Watch means that it has been immersed in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes. Even Apple itself says that submerging the Apple Watch is not recommended.


Apple Watch “Edition” in gold.
© Apple

Sorry, how much?

Another headline-grabbing fact from the latest trickle of information from Apple was the revelation of some rather staggering prices, with the Apple Watch “Edition” models in gold set to retail for between $10,000 and $17,000 dollars when they go on sale (probably only in carefully selected Apple Stores) from April.

Since these prices are clearly in luxury replica Omega watches territory I think it is important to put them into context, so I used the WorldTempus watch finder to find a selection of watches that have a gold case, pressure-tested water resistance and a self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of at least a couple of days. Here is a small selection:
(Note that our Watch Finder searches for watches by price ranges to account for local currency variations)

Frédérique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture

Frédérique Constant’s own smart watch is set to compete head-on with the Apple Watch and offers compatibility with both iOS and Android operating systems. But for the price of the top-of-the-range Apple Watches you can treat yourself to the brand’s Heart Beat Manufacture model, which has a red-gold case, an in-house mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve and water resistance to 50 metres.


Frederique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture.
© Frédérique Constant

Longines Master Collection

Any watch in this collection, even with a full gold bracelet, will cost no more than the gold Apple Watches. What you get for this is a red-gold case, self-winding mechanical movement with 48-hour power reserve and water resistance to 30 metres.


Longines Master Collection, réf. L2.673.8.78.5.
© Longines replica watches

Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback

A small concession on the case (which is a mixture of red gold and ceramic) takes you into high-end Swiss replica watches for sale territory with the legendary high-frequency Zenith El Primero movement, 50 hours of power reserve and 100 metre water resistance.


El Primero Stratos Flyback réf. 85.2060.40523.R515.
© Zenith replica watches UK


Montblanc Bohème Date Automatic Jewellery

Still for less than the top-priced Apple Watch, ladies can treat themselves to a Montblanc watch in red gold set with diamonds on the dial and bezel. It is powered by a self-winding movement with 38 hours of power reserve and 30-metre water resistance.


Montblanc Bohème Date Automatic Jewellery
© Montblanc

Dior Dior’s 2015 collections are vibrantly colourful!

— Dior dresses men’s wrists with an understated Chiffre Rouge and treats women to some delightfully vivid style statements.
Dior, 2015 collections

Dior loves colour, as it once again confirms in a manner highlighting its inimitably bold and contemporary elegance. In its pre-Baselworld presentation at its Parisian headquarters, the brand unveiled a dozen different models characterised by unbridled chromatic creativity, mainly intended for women.

In an increasingly colourless world, where people still tend to think black is the dressiest option and that gold is a necessary ingredient in luxury, the only caveat with the new line-up would be that the burst of vibrant hues for Her is not matched by the still overly-restrained models for Him. As if men were only entitled to black and grey, yielding consistently elegant but sometimes disappointing results.

The Chiffre travels the world

The new Chiffre Rouge C05 is entirely in step with the Dior universe. Demonstrating a salutary propensity to maintain a reasonable 38 mm diameter, together with optimal readability, a sense of understatement and useful functions, this model already proves a worthy heir to the legacy of Hedi Slimane.

The C05 provides a 24-hour GMT display with a central hand sweeping over a particularly sophisticated dial. The collection’s identity codes have nonetheless been discreetly shaken up and informed connoisseurs will note three differences. The applied rectangular hour-markers at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock are a first for the collection; the date shown in red numbers (as one would expect) is framed by two diagonal lines that are also making their debut; and lastly the GMT crown takes up a new position at 10 o’clock.

Dior - Le Chiffre Rouge CO5

The 2015 version of the Chiffre Rouge CO5 is equipped with a GMT function on an automatic Elite 682 base movement (Zenith).
© Delos Communications

The only complaint is that the two large hands are not coated with a luminescent substance, despite the fact that the structure would make this entirely possible. While such an option might have partially masked the dual-time display, its absence makes the C05 invisible at night – a real pity for a model intended for keen travellers with their constant nocturnal time-zone crossings.

The Chiffre Rouge 05 will be issued in a 100-piece limited edition in steel only and fitted with a perforated calfskin strap, available in stores for 6,200 euros as of September.

Colourful ladies

As far as women’s replica watches UK are concerned, they are a true festival of colours, a wonderful whirl of fascinating hues. For daily wear, Dior has brilliantly reinterpreted its Mini D de Dior models launched in 2009. Five new references now light up the rainbow colour palette with admirable elegance and dynamism. The two first feature a discreet black mother-of-pearl dial framed by a gem-set bezel. Their difference lies in a brand-new strap graced with subtly graded shades of blue, pink, yellow and purple. These summery and vibrant new 19 mm Mini D de Dior replica watches for sale measuring a dainty 19 mm will be available from May onwards at 3,700 euros.

Dior - Mini D de Dior

The Mini D de Dior and its new straps in subtly shaded colours.
© Delos Communications

The last three models are decidedly more sophisticated. The 2015 collection is distinguished for the first time by its associated colours: the first model appears dressed in blue lizard skin matched by a sapphire dial and bezel; the second in red lizard skin complementing a ruby and pink sapphire tandem; while the third features a green strap echoing the emerald dial and tsavorite garnet dial. These white gold Mini D de Dior creations will carry price tags of between 25,000 and 30,000 euros.

Dior - Mini D Dior

The Mini D de Dior, one of the three new models graced with gem-set dials and bezels.
© Delos Communications

Horological prêt-à-porter and haute couture evening wear

Could Dior be crossing the Rubicon of cheap Rolex replica watches fashion? It would certainly seem so in light of the latest Dior 8 Montaigne collection, in which the two models presented and evocatively named “Spring – Summer” and “Autumn – Winter” make no secret of their origins.  While there is nothing fundamentally new about them, their straps are graced with an unusual pairing of alligator leather and rubber. Their different shades enable Dior to keep existing collections alive by combining various colours – in this case seasonal ones.

On the Grand Soir and Grand Bal front, Dior unveils a new creation christened “Grand Soir Frou-Frou”. Its mother-of-pearl dial is sculpted in undulating gold sprinkled with diamonds. The one-of-a-kind creation will be complemented at Basel by five other models, each equally unique in their own way.

Dior - Grand Soir « Frou-Frou »

The Dior Grand Soir “Frou-Frou”, highlighting relief-sculpted gold on a shimmering mother-of-pearl dial.
© Delos Communications

Dior rounds off this exceptional runway show with new interpretations of its famous Grand Bal inverted calibre, whose oscillating weight is adorned with a mother-of-pearl sunburst pleated-effect which, like the Frou-Frou, offers a horological take on the texture of Dior’s cherished fabrics. A blue lacquered version will retail for 19,000 euros, and the green-lacquered interpretation for 13,500. Two new Grand Bal Résille 38 mm and 33 mm versions bring up the rear. In 2015, they will appear fitted with a lizard skin strap and a ceramic and diamond double bezel.

Piaget Swiss replica watches Altiplano Gold Bracelet collection

— Piaget replica watches UK offers six new Altiplano watches with their first-ever polished gold bracelet.

For the first time in the history of the Altiplano collection, Piaget treats these ultra-thin timepieces to a gold bracelet and unveiled six refined interpretations at the SIHH 2015. Following the presentation of the pink gold versions, today we are introducing the white gold versions.

This elegant and urban new Altiplano, available in 34 mm and 38 sizes, is equally suited to men and women. The supple feel of the bracelet ensures a perfectly comfortable fit for all models, while its graceful curves smoothly extend the harmonious case aesthetic and understated dial. Ideal ergonomics, soft lines and an integrated clasp all contribute to its refined nature. The white gold versions feature a gem-set bezel and an opaline white dial.

Piaget- Altiplano Bracelet or gris

Altiplano white gold versions.
© Piaget Swiss replica watches for sale