Glashütte Original Award Ceremony prior to the 65th Berlinale

Best Cheap Rolex replica watches — Oskar Sulowski wins “Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship”

Glashütte Original, co-partner of the 65th Berlinale, and the “Perspektive Deutsches Kino” section awarded for the fourth time the “Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship” to a young German filmmaker. The EUR 15,000 fellowship for the development of a screenplay is funded by the Saxon replica watches for sale manufacturer to support young talented German directors in implementing their upcoming projects.

Jury members Angelina Maccarone (author and director), Jenny Schily (actress) and Jochen Laube (producer) selected “Rosebuds”, a treatment by Oskar Sulowski, from the projects submitted.

In addition to the prize money, the winner received a trophy that had been manufactured at Glashütte Original’s Rolex replica UK watchmaking school.

Film journalist Knut Elstermann opened the ceremony, and afterwards hosted the talk with the press, Perspektive Deutsches Kino head Linda Söffker, the jury members and the talented young winner.

Seiko replica watches Japan’s watchmaking star

— Seiko, established in 1881, is the oldest watch company in Japan.

Seiko, established in 1881, is the oldest watch company in Japan and one of the oldest in the entire watch industry. The company, founded by Kintar? Hattori, started out as a small watch and jewellery shop in the Ginza area of Tokyo and naturally gravitated into producing clocks and watches. Having established itself early on as a high quality mechanical watch manufacturer, Seiko introduced the first quartz watch in 1969, and the worldwide replica watches for sale industry was changed forever.

Globally, the emphasis for the company has been on quartz and kinetic, while Seiko continued producing high quality mechanical watches, primarily for its home market, under the names of Grand Seiko and Credor. Today, Credor is mainly sold inside Japan, with a few other outlets in Asia. Credor is not available in Europe or the United States.

Seiko presents a full line of watches spanning the company’s four technologies of watchmaking: mechanical, quartz, kinetic and Spring Drive.


Seiko Astron Novak Djokovic

Tennis star Novak Djokovic is an ambassador for the Japanese brand.
© Seiko replica watches


Japanese not Swiss replica watches

Though Japan has learned a great deal from the Swiss, the founder made several trips to Switzerland, Seiko is uniquely Japanese. There is no tradition of small watchmaking ateliers in Japan, so Seiko couldn’t rely on a network like the Swiss have to supply specialized parts. Therefore, Seiko had to do it all themselves, in-house. As a result, Seiko is one of the few vertically integrated companies in the worldwide watch industry. Seiko makes virtually every part that goes into its mechanical watches, including the mainspring and the balance spring.

Quality is foremost in everything that Seiko does, and that shows through in every stage of the company’s production. In addition, unlike many other companies, Seiko has not limited itself to any particular technology. When the company, for example, saw the potential of GPS in watchmaking, they committed resources and went after it in full force. The result? The ground-breaking Seiko Astron. At the same time, Seiko has high watchmaking that is equal to just about anything from Switzerland. This wide variation of technologies used is relatively unknown in the watch industry.


Seiko is backed by one of the biggest companies in the watch industry, so Seiko’s future is secure. Though Seiko’s quartz watches are in the upper end range already, it’s in mechanicals where the most interesting work can be done, and Seiko rightly feels mechanical watch expertise is part of the company’s DNA. In 1998, Seiko introduced Spring Drive, a mechanical innovation that has been very well accepted throughout the world. Seiko has the ability and the production capacity to really make a mark in mechanical watches. Having Seiko in the entry level mechanical market is good news for the watch industry, because the company is so big, the gospel of mechanical watches can be spread far and wide. Seiko is now making its mechanical watches available to markets outside of Asia with the Grand Seiko and Ananta lines, the rest of the watch industry better sit up and take notice.


Shinji Hattori, president and CEO of Seiko Worldwide

Shinji Hattori, president and CEO of Seiko Worldwide
© Seiko

The president and CEO of Seiko worldwide is Shinji Hattori, great-grandson of the founder, Kintar? Hattori. A modern thinker and innovator, Hattori is keen to leverage Seiko’s past while moving into the future. “People think of Seiko as modern and many do not know we are 133 years old,” he explains. “When we started to make watches, they were all mechanical. In the 1960s we invented quartz and became the leader in this as well. But we went further and we sought to invent new technologies that would combine both mechanical and electronic watchmaking, and the result was kinetic, Spring Drive and GPS Solar, and all of this is done in-house. Our history has created our present. By being leaders, we have developed into a company with a unique mastery of all areas of watchmaking. In this sense, we use our past to create our future.”

Backes & Strauss Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Bracelet

— At this year’s World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie, Backes & Strauss presented a number of fresh and innovative additions to its line-up of diamond and gem-set timepieces. Today we are introducing the Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Bracelet cheap replica watches model. Backes & Strauss, Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Bracelet

The new Picadilly Renaissance Diamond Bracelet Swiss replicawatches for sale contains a mechanical movement measuring only 2.5 mm deep, resulting in a total case thickness of just 6.1 mm. This timepiece comes in a 33mm case 18k white or rose gold case set with two rows of Ideal Cut white diamonds. Their colored dials, set with white or rose gold Roman numerals are available in white, blue and purple. The 18k white or rose gold jewellery bracelet is adorned with 737 Ideal Cut diamonds.

Backes & Strauss - Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Bracelet

The Piccadilly Renaissance Diamond Bracelet fake watches UK is set with 874 diamonds for a total of 11.36 carats.
© Backes & Strauss Replica Watches For Sale

In every instance, the new Renaissance models carry the Backes & Strauss ‘signature’ in the form of a single diamond, set by hand into the crown.

Best Quality Vacheron Constantin: exceptional Harmony made in Geneva

— To mark its 260th anniversary, Vacheron Constantin unveils the well-guarded secrets of its new “Harmony” collection. In six leading questions, WorldTempus deciphers the keynotes of this launch that some are already heralding as historic.

What is the essence of the announcement made by Vacheron Constantin replica watches UK?

The official birth of a new full-fledged collection, Harmony. This is an authentic ex nihilo creation and everything presented in this collection has been entirely in-housed developed by Vacheron Constantin as part of this project on which the Manufacture had been working for the past seven years.

Which exact models are being presented?

There are seven in all. Six of them are equipped with new calibres, while the seventh is Calibre 1142, a double-pusher chronograph movement which now meets the Hallmark of Geneva criteria and oiwers a ladies’ replica watches for sale.

While there is a strong focus on the chronograph, with a split-seconds version, a tourbillon chronograph and a bicompax chronograph, the range also features three Dual Time models along with the aforementioned model specifically intended for women.

Vacheron Constantin - Harmony chronographe tourbillon (cal. 3200)

Harmony tourbillon chronograph model (Calibre 3200).
© Vacheron Constantin Fake Watches UK

Which are the key features of the Harmony aesthetic?

All the models adopt the same stylistic approach:  namely a cushion shape.  Vacheron Constantin drew inspiration from a 1928 chronograph, while reworking all the elements composing it to create the Harmony collection. Each detail, each line, each curve and each characteristic has been rethought as part of a contemporary interpretation of the Vacheron Constantin expertise. The Manufacture has even individually studied the shimmering reflections on the case generated by its own curves!

To sum up, Vacheron Constantin has created an entirely new design following the ‘shape-in-a-shape’ principle and combining a curved case middle, a square bezel and a round  Rolex replica watches crystal. The case is distinguished by its pure and subtly balanced volumes, accentuated by lugs with a streamlined profile ensuring a perfectly flowing look and feel.

What are the salient facts about the new calibres?

There are four entirely new ones: three in the 3000 line (3200, 3300 and 3500), along with the 2460 DT, standing for Dual Time.

The undisputed star of the first line is Calibre 3500, which powers the split-seconds chronograph model, the “Harmony ultra-thin grande complication chronograph”. Its name highlights the fact that this calibre sets a new slimness record, since this self-winding movement is just 5.30 mm thick and is housed in a slender 8.40 mm case. It comprises no less than 459 parts, some of them measuring no more than 3/100th of a millimetre!

Vacheron Constantin - Harmony chronographe grande complication ultra-plat (cal. 3500)

Harmony ultra-thin grande complication chronograph model (Calibre 3500).
© Vacheron Constantin

The other essential characteristic of Calibre 3500 is its ballbearing-mounted peripheral oscillating weight. This is the first time in its 260-year long history that Vacheron Constantin has used this system and choice was determined by the possibility of thereby reducing the thickness of the calibre, which is endowed with a 51-hour power reserve.

Calibre 3200 is a hand-wound tourbillon movement distinguished by its regulating organ at 12 o’clock, an unusual position for the Manufacture in particular and within the Swiss replica watches for sale industry in general. It features the brand’s aesthetic signature in the shape of a Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon. The calibre is also a monopusher chronograph movement, driving a power-reserve display at 6 o’clock. Another unusual characteristic is the 45-minute scale on the chronograph instead of the more customary 30-minute version.

Calibre 3300 rounds off this line. It is a pulsimeter chronograph movement entirely in tune with the spirit of the 1920s and 30s. This monopusher model shares two features with the 3200: its power reserve and its 45-minute counter.

Vacheron Constantin - Harmony chronographe Harmony chronographe, cal. 3300

Harmony chronograph model (Calibre 3300).
© Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches

Finally, Calibre 2460DT is the last all-new movement marking the launch of the Harmony collection. It clearly differs from the others by its dual time display positioned between 4 and 5 o’clock, along with a day/day indicator between 8 and 9 o’clock bearing a gold sun and moon. It is to date the only one developed for the Harmony collection that is not a chronograph movement. Unfortunately, this self-winding calibre has a rather small 40-hour power reserve. It will be used for three Dual Time models (two for men and one for women).

Vacheron Constantin - Harmony dual time

Dual Time model (Calibre 2460DT), and its day/night indicator between 7 and 8 o’clock.
© Vacheron Constantin

Which materials have been used?

All are in gold apart from the two flagship models: the ultra-thin grande complication chronograph (cal. 3500) and the tourbillon chronograph (cal. 3200), which are both made of platinum. However, all without exception will be issued in limited editions of 10 and 26 respectively for the two platinum models, 260 for all the simple chronographs and between 500 and 625 for the Dual Time fake watches UK. The two flagship models (cal. 3500 and 3200) will be exclusively available from boutiques.

What about the finishes?

All of these timepieces are certified by the Hallmark of Geneva. These first limited series will be treated to specific decorations. By way of example, the peripheral oscillating weight of the ultra-thin grande complication chronograph bears a dedicated scrolling pattern that will be picked up on all the Harmony models. This motif, also called “fleurisanne engraving”, is inspired by the arabesques adorning the balance-cock of the oldest pocket replica Rolex watches from the Manufacture, dating from 1755 and bearing the signature of Jean-Marc Constantin.

Just for the record, it is also worth noting that all models are delivered with a watchmaker’s loupe, a brochure specifically dedicated to the Harmony collection and a 260th anniversary celebration letter signed by Vacheron Constantin’s CEO, Juan-Carlos Torres.

Montblanc Replica Watches For Sale Interview with Jérôme Lambert

— After presenting a perpetual calendar for an unbeatable 15,000 Swiss francs last year, Montblanc leads the way again this year with a world time watch that costs just 5,000 dollars.

 WorldTempus: What have your main priorities been since joining Montblanc?

Jérôme Lambert: One of my first priorities when I arrived at Montblanc was to understand the brand. This may sound trivial, but it takes take time to learn the customs, the operations at Le Locle and Villeret, to understand the history of Minerva and the strengths of the brand.

There was an important phase dedicated to assimilating the raison d’être of Montblanc, followed by a second phase that involved giving even greater coherence to watch assembly at Le Locle and Villeret and to give more meaning to the complementarity of the two locations.

In a third phase I wanted to lay down the main lines of development based on the fundamental principles of Montblanc, which are technology and innovation, but also adding more audacity.

You have one of the lowest return rates in the replica watches UK industry and yet you also have some of the most competitive best replica watches for sale prices. How do you reconcile these low prices with the superior quality?

Actually I would say that it is precisely because we have this high quality that we can offer such competitive prices. With a rate of return that is three times below average we have a certain amount of lee-way because we know we will have less quality-related costs throughout the entire value chain. We have the 500 hours test, which uses cutting-edge technology and which we plan to develop even further. Our current quality levels are the results of such tests.

I think a brand like Montblanc needs to offer even better value and take up a genuine role in the watchmaking landscape. If you look at the Orbis Terrarum and the way it works you can see that this has been a successful wager against our expertise. It costs less than 5,000 dollars but to find something similar at other brands you would be looking at in excess of 15,000.

To what extent are such competitive prices part of your strategy?

We never consider price, only value. A sum like 10,000 or 15,000 euros is not particularly cheap by any standards. We may have a perpetual calendar for 15,000 euros, but there are many watches you can buy for a lot less. So we consider value, which is part of the culture of Montblanc, particularly in terms of functional value and utility.

Was it easy to apply your experience from Jaeger-LeCoultre to your new position at Montblanc?

Yes and no. You develop an affinity for the management of collections, product cycles and launches and the like, which are common to all brands. But the first thing you need to do is learn and understand, particularly with additional product segments such as leather goods and writing instruments. At Montblanc I had to learn to the power of ten, because the leather goods segment runs on completely different cycles, with four cycles per year. For writing instruments it is about the same as for replica watches UK sale.

In a recent auction there were some vintage Minerva timepieces, some with enamel dials, that had a reserve price of just a thousand Swiss francs. Do you see potential to build on this fantastic heritage?

We are just starting and only last year presented the Pulsograph, putting the accent on the movement. I’ve seen from my experience at Jaeger-LeCoultre that as soon as you relaunch an historic model, the values of the vintage models can double. Minerva production was always very limited and the movements had excellent finishes. It is a great reservoir for future growth and I think there will be some pleasant surprises for collectors and those who buy such pieces.

TAG Heuer Replica Watches Ballon d’Or 2014

— For the third time, and second in a row, Cristiano Ronaldo has been elected Ballon d’Or. Ballon d'Or 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo received the 2014 Ballon Rolex UK Replica Watches d’Or on Monday night in Zurich. The Portuguese earned 37.66 percent of the votes, while Messi edged Neuer, 15.76 to 15.72 percent, for runner-up. His purpose in life? “I want to win it again. I want to be one of the greatest players of all time”. Cristiano Ronaldo embodies the TAG Heuer spirit: No matter the pressure, he doesn’t crack and always go further.

2015 – Best Rolex Replica Watches UK Official Forever Replica Watches For Sale

Raymond Weil Replica Watches Interview with Elie Bernheim

— WorldTempus sat down with Raymond Weil CEO Elie Bernheim to look back on an eventful year for the brand and see what lies ahead for 2015 Rolex Replica Watches
Elie Bernheim

WorldTempus: Last year was an eventful year for Raymond Weil, wasn’t it?

Elie Bernheim: It was an emotional year for the brand. At the start of the year my grandfather passed away. He was the man that started the brand, in the middle of the watchmaking crisis in 1976, with nothing more than his passion for fake Rolex watchmaking and his contacts with suppliers.

Then the second emotional aspect just after Basel was that the family, and in particular my father, decided to place their trust in me by appointing me CEO. From that point out I have been travelling almost non-stop.

Do you plan to continue with the same strategy for the brand?

I have been working with my father for ten years now, so it’s not as if everything is completely new for me. In terms of strategy, I have been responsible for product development and communication since 2008 anyway, so I will be responsible for my own continuity in a way.

We have a very clear positioning in the price range between 750 and 3,000 Swiss francs and this is where we are strong and the customer knows where we are. This is what I aim to strengthen, in a segment where we are among the top three brands in certain countries. One of the most notable differences that I hope you will see in the future is that we will concentrate on markets where we are strong and where the brand has genuine potential for development.

Raymond Weil music special editions

The special edition Raymond Weil Swiss replica watches produced in collaboration with (from left), 2Cellos, Milos Karadaglic and Labrinth.
© Raymond Weil

The Raymond Weil brand has numerous associations with the world of music. How did these come about?

We have always been attached to the world of music, ever since 1982 when my father first started to take an interest in communication and, as a family company, we had to decide in which area we wanted to focus our attention. Since the family has always been interested in music and we are all music lovers, music seemed the logical choice. So we have been building up our associations over thirty years, whether in classical music, pop and rock or even ethnic music. We work on different things and often adapt our activities to the local markets. We have some very interesting projects in the pipeline for this year, including one major new product launch.

Do you see a threat from smart cheap replica watches in your segment?

No, I don’t think so but I do think we need to keep an eye on the situation. For me, a smart watch has no similarity whatsoever with a traditional Swiss watch. Someone who buys one may well buy the other and the brands are not targeting the same customer. Our price is higher, too, so I don’t think we will be affected by it.

So you will not be considering producing your own smart watch?

I don’t want to lie to you by saying no. We are thinking about it because we would be crazy not to. But we need to be very careful. It has to be positioned very astutely.

Do you think the economic uncertainty will continue in 2015?

Yes! I may be one of the few people in the industry to say this but we need to be rational. You only have to cheap replica watches UK the news to see that there is no short-term positive outlook anywhere. Look at the price of oil, or gold, or currency markets, or Asia, or Russia…

IWC Replica Watches UK Video. Portofino Midsize Automatic

— This film introduces the Portofino Midsize Automatic collection.

In 2014, Replica IWC Watches For Sale has launched 10 new 37-millimetre Portofino Midsize Automatic models. The timepiece comes in four red-gold and six stainless-steel versions, each of which is available with a diamond-set bezel or a slightly more understated variation with 12 jewels on the dial.