Cartier Rotonde Reversed Tourbillon calibre 9458 MC

— The Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon replica watches for sale captures the mystery and the perfect mastery of the space contained within the dial which showcases its reversed tourbillon.

By freeing up the space on the dial, by limiting the functions to just the hours, minutes and seconds, by concentrating the calibre beneath minimalist bridges, Cartier’s watchmakers have enabled the flying tourbillon to be majestically displayed, creating, with the Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon replica watches for sale calibre 9458 MC, a radiant and graphic timepiece. The challenge surrounding the form as well as the content of the watch led Cartier to condense the movement into the narrow space provided by the bridges.

The luminous dial of the Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon watch upholds the tradition of guilloché work,^of which the radiating motif is one of the Maison’s great signatures. Fully mastered, the refined space of the dial stripped of numerals boasts a range of signature Cartier features: a Rotonde de Cartier case that is today the emblematic shape of the Maison’s Fine Rolex replica Watchmaking creations, a cabochon sapphire on the winding crown, the Cartier C indicating the seconds numeral.

To reinforce the dial’s graphic identity and enhance the perspective of the guilloché, the dial is arranged off centre. Thus, nestled in the hollow of the seconds aperture, the flying tourbillon, the centre of this entire composition, beats like a heart.


Cartier - Rotonde Tourbillon Lové calibre 9458 MC

For the Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon watch, Cartier has combined sunray guilloché with the shine of white gold.
© Cartier


Cartier chooses to reveal to the eye what often remains hidden. This construction is both aesthetic and very technical and led the watchmakers to pay particular attention to the finishing of its 167 components. As for all Fine Watchmaking movements at Cartier, the component parts making up this mechanical movement with manual winding, equipped with a 52-hour power reserve, are all hand-finished.

Each of the movement’s parts received a specific finish: chamfering on the bridges, drawn flanks, polished screw heads and Côte de Genève decoration, the parallel ridges of which echo the guilloché on the dial. This array of highly regulated finishes that meet the criteria for obtaining the “Poinçon de Genève” are a testament to careful work carried out with respect for tradition.


Cartier - Rotonde Tourbillon Lové calibre 9458 MC

The Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon obtained the “Poinçon de Genève”, the ultimate standard in excellence.
© Cartier replica watches for sale

Bovet 1822 “Barb Horse” piece unique comes to the Replica Watches US

— The newly introduced “Barb Horse” Amadeo Fleurier 43 is making its US debut at the Wynn & Co Replica Watches For Sale in Las Vegas.
Barb Horse piece unique  © Bovet 1822

Hand-painted and hand-engraved by the House artisans of Bovet, this timepiece is crafted with traditional Chinese techniques to honor the Chinese Year of the Horse. The lacquered dial required 100 hours to immortalize the horse, which represents loyalty and elegance.

The Fleurisanne motif is traditionally used to decorate movements and cases manufactured over the past two centuries, and the engraving technique harmoniously complements the equestrian theme of the miniature painting. The ornaments of the saddle, stirrups and tack are embellished with gold leaf.

This convertible Amadeo piece unique comes in a 18K red gold case and is completed with a full skin alligator strap.

Jeanrichard Nik Wallenda masters Chicago skyline

— The “King of the Highwire” sets two world records and accomplishes another spectacular walk at an astonishing height with new Jeanrichard for Wallenda Terrascope.

On 2 November 2014, Nik Wallenda, the “King of the Highwire”, now 9-time World Record holder and Jeanrichard ambassador, crossed the skyline of Chicago for Discovery’s Skyscraper Live with Nik Wallenda. The Chicago riverfront was filled with over 65 000 spectators from all over the replica watches world, who followed Wallenda’s every step on the tightrope. During the 8 minutes and 09 seconds adventure, Wallenda was accompanied by his newly revealed Jeanrichard Terrascope special edition timepiece featuring a bezel that was inspired by the cross-section of his wire.

The walk took Nik Wallenda across the Chicago River on an inch (approx. 2.5cm/size of a US quarter coin) wide steel cable, starting at a height of 588 feet (about 180 meters) from the Marina City West tower, when he went upward at a 19-degree angle, rising 83 feet (about 25 meters) to the Leo Burnett Building and setting the first world record for the steepest tightrope walk in 6 minutes and 52 seconds in winds that were gusting at up to 25mph (about 40 km/h).

Wallenda’s second part of the walk was from the Marina City west tower to the east one at a height of 543 feet (about 165 meters), while he was blindfolded. That set the second world record for the highest blindfolded walk. It took Wallenda 1 minute and 17 seconds to cross these 94 feet (about 29 meters).


“The King of the Highwire” accomplished the entire walk in an impressive 8 minutes and 09 seconds, without being secured by a safety net or a harness.
© Dirk Fletcher and Tim Boyles for Jeanrichard

“It’s a pleasure to once again be partnered with Jeanrichard now also on my Chicago highwire walk. We share the same ‘Philosophy of Life’ where excellence in your craft and a sense of adventure are necessary to accomplishing great feats. Jeanrichard shares and understands the great commitment needed for success, whether it be on the highwire or on the Rolex replica watchmaking bench.”

The design of the special edition Swiss replica watches for Nik Wallenda is integrally inspired by his walks. The vertically satin-finished steel case features a bezel, whose main pattern reflects the cross section of the wire, while Nik Wallenda’s logo is illustrating the artist walking on the grey brushed dial. This Terrascope also features an engraved “Special Nik Wallenda Edition” case back, and offers a black rubber strap that goes hand in hand with the steel case and provides maximum comfort on the wrist.



Terrascope Special Edition Nik Wallenda.
© Jeanrichard fake watches sale

“To us, Nik represents the strong values of Jeanrichard and the true spirit of an adventurer just perfectly. We are excited to support him in his passion for the extraordinary and to contribute to his success”, said Bruno Grande, Managing Director of Jeanrichard. “And especially excited after this World Record setting walk as we just presented him before his grand success and also the replica watches UK aficionados with a special edition time-piece created for and with the King of the Highwire.”

De Bethune The brand awarded at the GPHG

— The DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon won the prize of the best chronograph of the year.

The prize-giving ceremony for the 14th edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) was held at the Grand Théâtre in Geneva on October 31st 2014, in the presence of Swiss Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann, the authorities of the Canton of Geneva and representatives of the international Rolex replica watch industry.

Among the pre-selected replica watches for sale, the international and highly qualified jury of this 14th

edition chose the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon to receive the prestigious award of the best chronograph of the year.


DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon.
© De Bethune Swiss replica watches

The DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon, the result of seven years of research and development, is the only one of its kind. This exceptional patented chronograph, packed with innovations, embodies the essence of De Bethune’s watchmaking.

The apprentice collector

Franco Cologni


It’s something we repeat over and over, to the point it has become almost a mantra: a fine Rolex replica watch contains not just mechanical perfection, beauty and the precious nature of the materials of which it is composed: it holds stories, loves and memories too. These are the self-same stories which day after day fuel the collector’s passion. Those who already possess replica watches for sale worthy of interest and those who are making their first acquisitions, somewhat haphazardly. They are the collectors of tomorrow, and as such we must afford them particular attention by helping them recognise the stories and values that give fine watchmaking its full significance.

A recent adventure inspired me to consider how we can form a new generation of mindful collectors. A young friend came to me, and showed me the vintage replica watches on his wrist: a fine piece some thirty years old, in gold and with a classic design. (My apologies that I should refrain from naming the brand, I prefer not to be caught in a conflict of interests!). This friend had always seemed more interested in trends than value. He had purchased dozens of “fashionable” watches which he wore as accessories or gadgets. Never would he have considered investing in a fine watch. And never, as he himself confessed, a watch by that particular brand. But as always, great changes spring from great encounters. In his case, an encounter with an uncle, someone he appreciated and who had entrusted him with his watch as a keepsake. This man’s affection, the stories associated with the watch, and the particular moment this gift, this “handing over”, were made mean that my friend now owns a watch he would never have chosen, were it not for its sentimental value. This contact with a fine Rolex replica watches sparked in him the desire to learn more about this world by purchasing other contemporary pieces and encouraging him to assemble, little by little, his own collection.

Which brings me to this: when our Maisons curate exhibitions or other events that showcase their heritage; when they publish books retracing their history, this isn’t just marketing. They are spotlighting stories and bonds of affection of immense value. Not an intrinsic value, perhaps, but one which also adds to the brand’s intangible wealth and in doing so helps prompt sales of other timepieces. Timepieces which, one hopes, will become part of a collection that is still just a dream but already potentially significant.