Longines Replica Watches UK Glasgow 2014

— The Longines Swiss Replica Watches UK Ambassador of Elegance Aishwarya Rai attended the Opening Ceremony of the XX Commonwealth Games.
Aishwarya Rai XXe Jeux du Commonwealth

On Wednesday 23 July 2014, Longines Ambassador of Elegance Aishwarya Rai attended, together with Mr. Walter von Känel, President of Longines, the opening ceremony of Glasgow 2014, the XXe Commonwealth Games.

Longines is the Official Timekeeper and Watch of the Games, that are held in Glasgow from 23 July to 3 August 2014. In addition, the Swiss Breitling Replica watch brand is the Presenting Partner of the Gymnastics competitions.

Aishwarya Rai Glasgow 2014

Mr. Walter von Känel and Aishwarya Rai
© Longines Replica Watches

The Official Rolex Replica UK Watches of Glasgow 2014 is a chronograph in steel from the Conquest Classic collection, housing an exclusive mechanical column-wheel calibre. With a diameter of 41 mm, its black dial is set with one arabic numeral and 11 applied indices with Super-LumiNova®. It displays the hours and the minutes, a small second at 9, a 30-minute counter at 3, a 12-hour counter at 6 as well as the date at 4:30. Just as the entire Conquest Classic collection, this timepiece is water-resistant to 5 bar and its screw-down case back is fitted with a sapphire glass.

Longines New partner of Casas Novas

— The Swiss Replica Watches brand thus becomes the Official Partner and Official Watch of this prestigious Spanish equestrian center, as well as the Official Timekeeper for the CSI A Coruña taking place there.

Longines and Casas Novas signed an important long-term partnership agreement. The agreement enables Casas Novas to pursue its excellence targets as organizer of equestrian events and to gradually improve the quality of the competitions.  Casas Novas and Longines share common values such as tradition, elegance and performance.

The Swiss watch brand is proud to support the XXVIII edition of the CSI A Coruña, that will be held from 25 to 27 July 2014 at the Casas Novas Equestrian Centre. With a prize money of €256,000, this event consists of nine competitions whose highlight is the Longines Trophy.

The Official Watch of the event will be a chronograph in steel from the Conquest Classic collection, a line dedicated to Longines’ passion for the equestrian world. It houses an exclusive mechanical column-wheel caliber and displays a black dial. Just as the entire Conquest Classic collection, this timepiece is water-resistant to 5 bar and its screw-down case back is fitted with a sapphire glass.

Hermès Healthy Hermès Replica Watches

— Against the background of the Swiss Replica Watches Group results for the first half of 2014 published this week, the performance of Hermès, and in particular its cheap Rolex Replica watchmaking division, over the past few years seems all the more remarkable.

The results for the first half of 2014 published by the Swatch Group on 22 July made for sobering reading. Despite a modest increase in sales, the Swatch Group recorded an 8.8% drop in operating profit in the first half of this year. Tellingly, the group cited the “high level of marketing expenses for the Olympic Games in Sochi” as one of the factors that had contributed to the decline that saw its operating margin for the first six months drop to 20.2%. Although this figure is in line with those of competitors such as Richemont and LVMH, Hermès stands head and shoulders above the crowd with a margin in excess of 30% that the company looks set to maintain this year.

Worldtempus asked Luc Perramond, CEO of La Montre Hermès, how Hermès manages to maintain such higher margins and above-average growth at the company.


Luc Perramond La Montre Hermès

Luc Perramond, CEO de La montre Hermès.

If you look at other big groups, margins are becoming more and more important because sales growth is slowing and cutting costs therefore becomes important. How do you keep the profit margin so high at Hermès?

We have EBIT margins of over 30 per cent, which is quite incredible and makes us the envy of the other big groups. This is the result of a strict management of costs. One good example of this is in our use of alligator skins. Although there is a lot of waste, we used to only cut two straps from a skin from the part where the large scales are, but we have since started cutting from the flanks as well, where the scales are smaller, and we can now get four or five straps from a single skin, which makes a big difference.

We also don’t do marketing like the other brands. We are a house of creativity and we try to reflect the values of the house and offer these in beautiful products to our customers in the hope that they will like them. We don’t produce articles based on market research.
The reintroduction of silver into the watch collection is a good example of this…

Exactly. If we followed market research, we would never have done this. Our attitude is more to develop something that is in line with the tradition of the brand and we found a legitimate benefit for the customer with the prevention of tarnishing. So it was logical for us to launch this almost in spite of the market trends.

It was the same with the Faubourg watch because we launched a very small watch at a time when everyone else was offering ever bigger Rolex Replica watches for ladies. This is what gives us an edge over other brands. We do the unexpected, we surprise.



Cape Cod Tonneau Silver: this year at BaselWorld, Hermès has reintroduced a new silver alloy, specifically developed for watches.
© Hermès Replica Watches For Sale
Can we expect more such surprises in your Temps Imaginaire collection?

Definitely! This is a collection that appeals to both men and women because the concept is universal. It is also why we launched the Temps Suspendu in 38mm in addition to the original 43mm, because we had a lot of demand from women.

The saga will continue because for us this is a strategic area for us that is more poetic and philosophical. It’s not something that you find at other brands, so we will continue to introduce new concepts. We have two or three in the pipeline and I think you will see one in the next 18 months to two years.

Ralph Lauren Under the safari umbrella

— Ralph Lauren continues to explore the Safari theme. Join us on brief foray into an unusual world that promises the brand a wealth of appealing prospects.

The umbrella is a much sought-after commodity in the Rolex Replica watchmaking community. Not the accessory used to protect from rain (and sometimes from sunshine), but instead the type of umbrella concept so highly prized by brands and which enables them to accommodate their strategy and their image under one consistent ‘roof’ that is theirs alone. Amid the stampede on motorsports, on sailing and aviation, Ralph Lauren has succeeded in finding an unusual Safari-inspired field of expression.
Safari to the power of three

Over the past two years, Ralph Lauren has effectively demonstrated the power of this theme that features three essential elements: the inspirational sources of the founder himself; aesthetic codes in tune with current tastes; and a brand universe well off the beaten track. As Ralph Lauren reminisces: “When I started out as a designer, I dreamt of going to Africa on a safari. It is a call to adventure. It is all about living a dream life and pushing yourself to your limits.” The maestro’s clear, crisp pencil strokes turn the inspiration into reality, featuring powerful lines conveying the natural harmony of the wild and its wide open spaces.



The safari universe and its Gunmetal cases.
© Ralph Lauren

In addition, the safari theme also provides a chance to explore materials and colours as well as shapes. Ralph Lauren was the first brand to use an unusual steel finish known as Gunmetal, radiating a dark gleam that endows timepieces with unique depth. This process enables a new take on full-black Replica Watches UK, which are greatly appreciated but have become somewhat commonplace. The brand distinguishes itself with a subtly original chromatic approach that is exclusive to its own universe.

The materials clothing either side of the straps come in shades evoking those of African tents, while their olive green canvas adds a sturdy touch to timepieces cut out for adventure. The broad hour-markers enhanced with Super-LumiNova serve as a reminder of the functional purpose of Swiss Breitling Replica watches designed to be consulted and thus easily legible both under the hot sun shining over the African savannah and by the light of campfires.



La Sporting Safari RL67 avec son cadran cerclé de bois, une piste pour de futures modèles mariant les essences tropicales ?
© Ralph Lauren Fake Watches

When the jungle is of the urban variety

The possible limits of the safari theme could well have stemmed from urban gentlemen’s need for  elegance, a demand that might not sit well with the rigorous codes and discipline of traditional African adventures. Nonetheless, Ralph Lauren has once again managed to carve out a middle path, leading from the brushlands of the savannah to garden parties in private clubs and resulting in the Sporting models. The latest 45 mm Gunmetal variations are adorned with elegant tourbillons at 6 o’clock, a guarantee of precision as well as of precious horological value. The recently introduced Black Safari Flying Tourbillon has further enhanced the technical nature of the Ralph Lauren collection; while various new finishing touches – notably including subtle chestnut brown, black or blue leather strap versions and guilloché motifs – accentuate the classicism of its ranges.


The flying tourbillon, the latest addition to the Ralph Lauren Safari collection.
© Ralph Lauren

“Safari means experiencing life in the wilderness and reaching the most remote frontiers,” sums up Ralph Lauren. So what (if any) limits has the brand set for itself? At less than five years of age, its very youthfulness gives it enviable room for manoeuvre. The Safari umbrella could well be broadened to encompass feminine models, as well as playing around with exotic straps and combining rare types of wood. The horizons are every bit as vast as the spreading African plains…

Sotheby’s Geneva will sell The Henry Graves Supercomplication

In 1925, Patek Philippe was commissioned by Henry Graves to produce the most complicated Rolex Replica watches in the world

The World’s most Famous Watch Returns to Market in November As the Centrepiece of Sotheby’s Geneva November 2014 Watch Sale at the time of Patek Philippe’s 175th Anniversary.

Sotheby’s announced today that it will be honoured to present for sale The Henry Graves Supercomplication in Geneva on 11 November 2014. Made by Patek Philippe in 1933, this masterpiece of horology is the most famous cheap Rolex Replica watches in the world and the most complicated watch ever made completely by human hand. Its reappearance on the market, 15 years after its record sale, will coincide with Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary celebrations and will be a fitting tribute to the genius of the Swiss manufacturer. The watch will be offered in Sotheby’s Geneva sale of Important Watches with an estimate in excess of CHF 15 million.

Discussing the forthcoming sale of the Henry Graves Supercomplication, Tim Bourne, Sotheby’s Worldwide Head of Watches, and Daryn Schnipper, Chairman of Sotheby’s Watch Division, said: “The list of superlatives which can be attached to this icon of the 20th century is truly extraordinary. Indisputably the “Holy Grail” of watches, The Henry Graves Supercomplication combines the Renaissance ideal of the unity of beauty and craftsmanship with the apogee of science. Our offering of this horological work of art in 1999 was unquestionably the highlight of our professional careers and set a world record which has held until today. We are extremely privileged to be offering it once again.”

In 1925, Patek Philippe was commissioned by Henry Graves, a prominent New York banker, to produce the most complicated watch in the world. The product of three years of research and five years’ effort by the most skilled technicians, this extraordinary timepiece is a gold openface minute repeating chronograph clockwatch with Westminster chimes. Among the features it incorporates are Perpetual Calendar, moon phases, sidereal time, power reserve, and indications for time of sunset and sunrise and the night sky of New York City. With a total of 24 horological complications, The Graves watch retained the title of the world’s most complicated watch for 56 years and even then was only surpassed by technicians working with the aid of computer-assisted machines.

Sotheby’s first sold the Henry Graves Supercomplication in New York in December 1999, as part of a sale of 81 masterpieces from the world-renowned Time Museum. Offered with an estimate of USD 3-5 million, the Swiss Rolex Replica Watches excited enormous interest and sparked an extended bidding contest, exceeding the company’s wildest expectations when it sold for a record-breaking USD 11 million, becoming the most expensive timepiece ever sold at auction.

Zenith Swiss Replica Watches El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow

— Reinterpreting an iconic 1997 model, Zenith presents the virile and stylish El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow.

Zenith built the Rainbow Flyback model in 1997 based on technical specifications established for the French Air Force. The result was a rugged, high-performance timepiece capable of standing up to the most extreme conditions. The Brand now draws inspiration from this high-precision instrument in presenting a new sporty version, the El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow.

The El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow is driven by the El Primero Calibre 405 B automatic movement. In 1969, Zenith definitively put its name in the history books by presenting El Primero, the first ever integrated automatic Rolex Replica watches, also beating at the exceptional speed of 36,000 vibrations per hour and thus displaying 1/10th second precision. The new El Primero Calibre 405 B naturally beats at the same frequency and offers the same precision, butit is also equipped with a date display, a telemetric scale, and above all with the famous flyback function, closely bound up with the world of aviation. This function enables pilots to stop, start and restart the chronograph at a single press on the push-piece, compared with three presses required for a standard chronograph.


Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow

Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow.
© Zenith Replica Watches UK

The 45.5 mm steel case is topped by a rotating bezel bearing an aluminium ring. The rounded sapphire crystal is shaped like an astrodome – the dome located on the fuselage’s dorsal ridge to enable astronavigation. The transparent engraved sapphire case-back reveals the mechanism of the world’s most accurate series-produced calibre.

On the dial side, the minutes counter at 3 o’clock appears in colours enabling night-time readings in infrared-lit cockpits, while the hours are displayed at 6 o’clock and the small seconds at 9 o’clock. The white superluminova hour-markers make a striking contrast with the black of the dial and case, while the chronograph sweep seconds hand stands out in red. The inner bezel ring bearing a telemetric scale creates an overall depth effect.

The virile and stylish El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow is fitted with a steel bracelet.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “JU-Air”

For years now, IWC Schaffhausen and the Swiss airline JU-AIR have cultivated a partnership based on a mutual admiration of the Junkers JU-52 aircraft. Of just eight airworthy vintage JU-52s worldwide, one has carried the IWC logo for two decades and, in the year 2000, started out on a circumnavigation of the globe to publicize a new IWC Pilot’s Watch. Time, then, to acknowledge JU-AIR’s outstanding work. In honour of the airline established to keep the vintage aircraft aloft, the IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “JU-Air”, strictly limited to 500 IWC replica, is ready to take off.

For years now, IWC Schaffhausen and the Swiss airline JU-AIR have cultivated a partnership based on a mutual admiration of the Junkers JU-52 aircraft. Of just eight airworthy vintage JU-52s worldwide, one has carried the IWC logo for two decades and, in the year 2000, started out on a circumnavigation of the globe to publicize a new IWC Pilot’s Watch. Time, then, to acknowledge JU-AIR’s outstanding work. In honour of the airline established to keep the vintage aircraft aloft, the IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “JU-Air”, strictly limited to 500 watches, is ready to take off.

In the colours of the Silver Bird

The stainless-steel tribute to the JU-AIR has the cockpit instrument look of a classic Pilot’s Watch. The dial of the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “JU-Air” is rhodium-plated, with appliqués and both hands picked out in white luminescent material. The result is excellent legibility even under the most demanding conditions. The central chronograph hand shows recorded times in seconds, while the hand on the subdial at “12 o’Clock” shows the number of elapsed minutes. The watch has a flyback function, so whenever the reset push-button is pushed, the stopwatch hand returns to zero and immediately starts another timing sequence. The small red seconds hand at “6 o’clock” indicates that the watch is running normally. It can be stopped as needed to synchronize the watch. The Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “JU-Air” is fitted with the IWC-manufactured 89365 calibre, which has a 68-hour power reserve and features a stopwatch to time minutes and seconds. IWC’s designers have modified the date window to make it look like a cockpit instrument: with its vertically arranged numerals, it now resembles an altimeter. A striking red triangle, by now a typical design feature of IWC’s Pilot’s Watches and inspired by the signal-red elements on an aircraft’s instrument panel, indicates the date. The case back features an engraving of a Junkers JU-52, while the inscription “One out of 500” refers to the limited edition.

The IWC-JU on its journey round the world

In the year 2000, a JU-AIR JU-52 took off in the name of IWC Schaffhausen to circle the globe and created a sensation. HB-HOS set out on its ambitious mission with an image of an oversized Pilot’s Watch decorating its wings. For IWC, it was a spectacular way of launching the new Pilot’s Watch Mark XV in Asian markets. Flying at 180 kilometres per hour, the JU-52 put in stopovers in Athens, Alexandria and Muscat on the way to Pakistan, and landed in Mumbai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. After promotional events in Manila, Hong Kong and Taipei, it reached Sendai airport in Japan. The venture drew the attention of journalists, film crews, Swiss Replica Watches lovers and aircraft enthusiasts worldwide, and was a major TV event in Asia. It suffered a terminal setback, however, when the Russian authorities refused the aircraft permission to fly in the country’s airspace and forced it to turn round. Despite this, the sensation created in the East exceeded even the most optimistic predictions and turned the IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XV into status symbol.

JU-AIR secures the continued existence of the JU-52

Wherever the sonorous drone of the three large nine-cylinder radial engines announces the presence of a JU-52, people simply stand and stare. Unveiled in 1939 and now very rare, the silver-coloured aircraft had an enormous following by the time the Swiss Air Force purchased them for pilot training and for transporting passengers and relief supplies. When the veteran aircraft were retired in 1981, Swiss airline JU-AIR, which had been founded specifically for the purpose of saving the JU-52 with its characteristic corrugated steel fuselage, launched a nationwide fund-raising campaign. It generated an unbelievable wave of goodwill and, on a single day alone, raised over 600,000 Swiss francs. Today, just eight airworthy JU-52s remain. The largest fleet, comprising four machines, is maintained and flown by JU-AIR, based in Dübendorf near Zurich, Switzerland. To this day, the JU-52 has remained synonymous with reliability, safety and quality workmanship, leaving its mark on civil aviation like few other aircraft. Privately owned and assisted by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, the company ensures that the legendary aircraft remain in service, and offers sightseeing flights that help to keep the legend up in the skies.