De Bethune Baselworld 2014 : Mechanical innovation and unbridled creativity

— Denis Flageolet and David Zanetta present a new type of clutch that is revolutionising the chronograph mechanism. A look at the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon, DB28 Maxichrono, as well as the DB28 Dark Shadows and the Dream Rolex Replica Watches 5.2.

Hats off! While De Bethune had already thrilled unconditional fans of the work of Denis Flageollet and David Zanetta in January 2014 by unveiling the DB28 Digitale on the fringes of the SIHH, the brand is once again introducing yet another hard-hitting innovation – which is something else indeed! After seven years of R&D, the De Bethune presents a timepiece following on from the work undertaken by the great master Breitling Replica watchmakers of the Age of Enlightenment. It reflects a mind-set rooted in the belief that there are many technical watchmaking fields just waiting to be explored – and admirably demonstrates the truth of this conviction.


DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon

The DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy. It house a patented new device, the absolute clutch, which aims to eliminate the classic flaws of chronograph mechanisms – whether equipped with a vertical or lateral clutch – in order to achieve notably improved performances. A true revolution!

The five central hands – representing a highly complex mechanical structure – are intended to enhance the aesthetic and functional readability of this instrument designed for measuring long periods of time (almost up to 24 hours). This mono-pusher chronograph has no small counters, but instead a set of concentric scales that give the dial a somewhat disconcertingly classic aesthetic. Imbued with a restrained, understated spirit that is the exact opposite of showiness, the Fake Watches initially reveals nothing of its innovative mechanics. Running counter to watch industry custom, the tourbillon only shows its face on the reverse side of the watch and is unveiled by opening the double back held in place by an invisible hinge.



DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon
© De Bethune


DB28 Maxichrono

The tourbillon model issued in a 20-piece limited edition for 2014 is matched by a model with a very similar aesthetic, the DB28 Maxichrono, also available in a 20-piece limited run for this year. Equipped with the De Bethune absolute clutch, this time-measuring instrument also featuring the same five central hands counts off the time on 24-hour, 60-minute and 60-seconds subdials. Like the tourbillon model, the pink gold case houses a concentrated blend of innovations and patents: a self-regulating twin barrel, a silicon/white gold balance – and  balance-spring with flat terminal curve; and a silicon escape wheel. A true marvel embodying an impressive feat on both technical and aesthetic levels.



DB28 Maxichrono
© De Bethune Replica Watches

DB28 Dark Shadows

Alongside these two models, De Bethune is revisiting its classics – although the latter is probably not an appropriate term for the brand. The DB28 vividly showcasing the two founders’ creativity appears attired in black in an ultra-chic Dark Shadows version. Renowned for its research on innovative materials, De Bethune has chosen to work with zirconium, which guarantees excellent resistance, remarkable hardness as well as fade-resistant colours. The satin-brushed black treatment giving an all-matt effect nonetheless creates a variety of subtly graded shades. As if at the touch of a magic wand, the equally black moon stands out discreetly against a chiaroscuro backdrop at 6 o’clock.



DB28 Dark Shadows
© De Bethune


Dream Watch 5.2

The unbridled creativity of De Bethune’s two founders finds extreme expression in the Dream Rolex Replica Watches 5.2, which reveals the extent to which David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet have managed to break free of the scales and proportions of traditional watchmaking. This wristworn sculpture now also comes in a light and resistant blackened zirconium version that is destined to resist the passing of time. This horological work of art in all its pristine purity bears the unmistakable signature of De Bethune visible in the small two-tone sphere spherical moon phase, as well as displaying the brand’s iconic deltoid shape.



Dream Watch 5.2
© De Bethune Swiss Replica Watches

Corum Baselworld 2014 : Symphony in three movements

— Corum Replica Watches UK has linked together its past, present and future with the Heritage, Admiral’s Cup and Bridge – a symphony from the manufacture that blends technique and aesthetics more than ever before.

Corum is a powerful brand. For one thing, there’s its heritage: Coin Rolex Replica Watches, Feather Watches and other new editions of historic timepieces. Then there’s the present, with the Admiral’s Cup – an iconic watch that the manufacture is constantly adapting, keeping it right up to date for over fifty years now. And lastly there’s the future, with the many different possibilities offered by the baguette movement that Corum has been making the most of since 1980.

For many years, the firm has been putting the emphasis on the present and the future, with a number of developments relating to its Bridges and the Admiral’s Cup. This year, alongside these two customary pillars of its offering Corum has added a look back, too, with an ambitious spotlight on its Heritage and the grand return of the Feather Omega Replica Watches.

Avian marquetry

“Corum has always been recognised as an avant-garde brand, presenting outstanding creative models. This is such an interesting story that we’ve decided to dedicate a whole collection to it – the Heritage collection,” says Antonio Calce, CEO.

René Bannwart, founder of Corum, rooted the firm in creativity right from the outset, in 1955. That creative outburst resulted in a number of different models, each of which added something new to watchmaking. The Feather Watch is an embodiment of this spirit. When it came out in 1970, it was the first watch with a dial made from peacock feathers. Amidst all the technical progress over the subsequent decades, the process has almost never been followed or copied.

The speciality that comes into play for this timepiece is that of plumasserie – featherworking. The feathers are sorted, selected for their stability, density and finesse, cleaned, stabilised with steam and hand cut. The ensuing art is similar to marquetry. The feathers are positioned one by one to produce the desired motif and then glued down. Like other living materials sometimes used in watchmaking, such as wood or petals, the trickiest thing is to ensure the long life of the material, which is light-sensitive (the colour can fade) and prone to humidity (condensation).

The Feather Watch now boasts warm colours, with a variety of shades that only nature could produce. This unique composition is centre stage here. The 39 mm red gold case is intentionally discreet, as are the skeleton Dauphine hands, offering a clearer view of the feathers on the dial.

The watch will be added to Corum’s collection, and will also be available in a studded version.


Corum version sertie de la Feather

Studded version of the Feather
© Corum


Against all odds

Corum is also writing new music for its present-day score with the Admiral’s Cup. Of the two new models presented, the Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Tides is probably the most compelling. “The tide movement is very dear to us, illustrating as it does the strong connection we’ve always had with the world of sailing,” explains Antonio Calce.

Twenty-two years after its launch, the “tide Breitling Replica watches” remains unique. Its complication displays the tide time and range, moon cycle, current strength and water height. It took no less than three years of development under the aegis of the Geneva Astronomical Observatory and the French Navy’s Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department in Brest to bring into being this highly exclusive “tide movement”.

The dial features the moon’s phases at 12 o’clock, the two tides for the next 24 hours at 6 o’clock and the counter showing whether the tide is rising or falling and the current strength at 9 o’clock. Current strength reaches its maximum when the hand is on the horizontal red line. To round things off there is a date window at 3 o’clock. The assembly is housed in a 45 mm titanium case.


Corum AC-ONE 45 Tides et son mouvement mécanique capable de calculer les marées

AC-ONE 45 Tides – with a mechanical movement capable of calculating them
© Corum


A skeleton admiral

The other Admiral’s Cup unveiled by Corum is a prime example of skeletonisation. Very much in fashion for a year now, this technique leaves the movement visible. Corum has used this visibility to great effect by creating a date display at 6 o’clock. The large disc powering it is the movement’s most visible component. The automatic self-winding CO 082 caliber, presented in a fully skeletonised architecture, is housed in a 45 mm case – the benchmark size for the Admiral’s Cup AC-One.


Corum nouvelle version squelette de l’Admiral‘s Cup, avec boîte en titane

New skeleton version of the Admiral’s Cup, with titanium case
© Corum Fake Watches UK

And another bridge

Lastly, Corum will be using this year’s Baselworld to unveil a new version of its Golden Bridge Automatic, featuring a DLC-treated titanium case. The all-black casing contrasts with the movement’s upper bridge, in cut gold. The timepiece is still equipped with the CO 313, backed by a monumental upright platinum linear oscillating weight offering 40 hours’ power reserve.


Corum Golden Bridge Automatic en titane, avec platine et ponts en or rouge

Titanium Golden Bridge Automatic featuring red gold plate and bridges
© Corum Swiss Replica Watches

TAG Heuer Fake Watches Baselworld 2014 : V4, from whirlwind to tourbillon

— In the wake of certain indiscretions on the new Monaco V4 hinted at in our columns last week, the spotlight was firmly trained on the TAG Heuer Replica Watches UK booth at the Baselworld opening: here comes the Monaco V4 Tourbillon.

This new release is all about uniting symbols, as micromechanics enters a whole new dimension. The mechanism most vividly embodying Haute Horlogerie meets the epitome of innovation at TAG Heuer. For the first time in the centuries-old history of Swiss Rolex Replica watchmaking, the tourbillon is driven by a micro-belt.

Above and beyond the technological feat it embodies, this innovation delivers two key assets to the mechanism and thus to the wearer of this exceptional timepiece. First of all, the belt driving the tourbillon carriage serves to avoid the latter recoiling. As Guy Semon, director of the TAG Heuer Haute Horlogerie vision points out: “a belt drive naturally absorbs energy and serves as a very efficient shock absorbing system” – a fact that is especially useful on often sensitive models such as timepieces equipped with a tourbillon.

As a further guarantee of the robustness of such products, TAG Heuer submits all its Haute Horlogerie models to the same resistance tests as its standard collection. A first series of 50 is liable to be snapped up by collectors and devotees of mechanics in all its forms.



La Monaco V4 Tourbillon, un joli cadeau pour le 10e anniversaire de cette ligne culte.
© TAG Heuer Fake Watches UK

Is it possible to equip a 3% carbon flexible 8 mm ring with 360 teeth? If we are talking about one of the four belts on the Monaco V4, of which the thinnest is just 0.07 mm wide, the answer is yes. One of them in fact connects the two  barrels inclined at a 13° angle, and mounted for the first time on ball bearings. The 214-part movement with its 40-hour power reserve is visible from both sides of the Breitling Replica watches. The tourbillon rotates at a rate of once a minute and the visual effect is highlighted by a Côtes de Genève motif adorning the DLC-coated mainplate and bridges – and thus accentuating the modern architecture of this timepiece along with the powerful personality of its polished titanium case.

Capitalising on the success of the first series in gold, platinum and titanium sold since 2009, the brand is aiming to reach the milestone of the 500th Monaco V4 sold by the end of 2014 –a fitting gift for the 10th anniversary of this cult line.



The 214-part movement with its 40-hour power reserve is visible from both sides of the watch.
© TAG Heuer


Details of the movement.
© TAG Heuer Fake Watches

Richard Mille: the Quebec clock unveiled for the first time

The Richard Mille clock is on display at Porrentruy from 7 March to 3 May 2014

The Mayor of Quebec Mr. Régis Labeaume, Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille were all in attendance at the official presentation of the Richard Mille clock to Quebec City. This unique timepiece is a gift from the company and the Canton of Jura to the Province of Quebec and the event has particular significance for relations between the French-speaking countries, strengthening as it does the ties that link the Republic and Canton of Jura with the Province of Quebec.

Christened “l’Horloge Porte-bonheurE”, the project was launched in 2008 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, the biggest French-speaking city in North America. The Republic and Canton of Jura and Richard Mille wanted to give Quebec a symbolic gift and this exclusive creation is emblematic of the region, representing the culture, know-how and activity of the Canton of Jura. The clock is designed to embody the values and exacting standards of the Jura Maison: incomparably modern design, unprecedented architectural construction and a unique level of technical skills.

It took six years for the Richard Mille engineers, working in partnership with the technical college of Porrentruy and the Neuchâtel Haute Ecole Arc, to design, manufacture, and assemble this monumental clock.

It is the first clock designed and made to the exacting standards and conventions of très Haute Horlogerie and required 6,571 hours of development, 5,451 components and 3,952 hours of assembly and adjustment. The stainless steel case recalls the dynamic, curved design of RM Rolex Replica watches cases. It is assembled with 16 spline screws and measures 350 x 250 x 130 cm, weighing in at 1,913 kg. The Richard Mille clock ranks among the most consummately executed objects ever produced by the brand, which is understandable when you compare it to a Swiss Replica Watches UK: its components are between 300 and 500 times larger, and it weighs 100,000 times more than the RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal.

This unique timepiece has two faces showing two different displays: on one side you can see the hours and minutes, while the other face displays seconds, minutes, hours and a perpetual calendar. The movement encapsulates all the inspiration and imagination that the brand injects into its designs. The impressive dial and hands skim over the plate and the ribbed bridges, which recall the central bridges of an RM 003. The other bridges are reminiscent of the RM 055, and the baseplate itself recalls the RM 005. In all, the clock comprises 3,600 parts made of brass, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, ceramic and ruby. You can see the calibre, gear-trains and balance wheel through the anti-reflective treated mineral glass all around the movement.

The designers of this movement have made use of horological grandes complications to ensure optimum chronometry, such as the constant-force device, a rare mechanism of extraordinary complexity that compensates for the different negative influences arising from the weight of the hands, and the tiny variations in force due to the many toothed wheels. This cam mechanism releases and blocks the force of the daily weight transmitted by two big wheels.

At the same time, an equation of the time mechanism operates through the intermediary of a driving- weight which descends once a year. During its slow course, this weight operates as a mobile slide-contact along a sinuous red line etched into the glass. In combination with the scale engraved onto the weight, this line indicates the variations in minutes between real time and average time during the course of the year.

To remind everyone of the clock’s provenance and its strongly symbolic stature, a second time zone – that of the Jura in Switzerland – is displayed all along the glass column, made visible by the ascending movement of a specific window.

As with all Richard Mille Fake Watches UK, the entire movement and case are hand-finished to ensure this piece of Haute Horlogerie is a work of perfection. The fine quality of satin-finishing, micro-bead blasting, polishing and surface treatments are a glowing tribute to the craftsmanship of Richard Mille watchmakers and decorators as well as the students of the Porrentruy technical college and Haute Ecole Arc.

The Richard Mille clock is on display at Porrentruy from 7 March to 3 May 2014 and will then be installed in the Jardins de l’Hôtel de Ville in Quebec, where it will stand permanently as a symbol of the strong friendship between Quebec and the Republic and Canton of Jura.

Seiko Asian Football Confederation

— Seiko has signed a sponsorship contract with the Asian Football Confederation (“AFC”). Over the next three years, Seiko Replica Watches UK will sponsor the AFC Champions League and the Rolex Replica Watches AFC Cup.

The AFC is one of the six continental confederations affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Counting 47 countries and regions as members, the AFC runs the most important football competitions in Asia, promotes grassroots football and takes actions to contribute to the health and welfare of all the societies in which it operates. Seiko shares its aims for the prosperity of local communities and societies, and has a fifty-year tradition of supporting sport through the sponsorship and timing of many different sports as part of the brand’s fundamental corporate philosophy to be “a company that is trusted by society.” Through this partnership, Seiko will be committed to the advancement and development of football in Asia together with the AFC.

The AFC Champions League 2014 will appoint the number one football club of 2014 in Asia. Its group stage began on February 25, and four teams from the Japan Professional Football League (J.League) participate in the competitions. Exciting games will take place across Asia, culminating in the final this autumn. The winner will also secure qualification to the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup Cheap Replica Watches UK.

In addition, Seiko will also sponsor the AFC Cup in which the clubs of the mid-tier ranked countries and regions compete to qualify for the next year’s AFC Champions League.

At every match in these two competitions, Seiko’s support of the AFC will be demonstrated with the Seiko logo on pitch-side sign boards, in the match programs and through the game time displayed on live television.

Square watches Time square!

— A little air of the Seventies, a subtly offbeat retro effect… The square Rolex Replica watches often cuts an isolated figure in watchmaking collections. However, it remains an absolute classic that is held in high esteem by certain fake Rolex watchmaking enthusiasts. A closer look at some fine examples of this trend with Bell & Ross, Cartier and Longines.

Attempting to square the circle, rounding angles and bringing back Sixties style… while it is undoubtedly a long way from displacing round Replica Watches UK, the square case is still going strong for men in search of originality.


Bell & Ross Replica Watches – Aviation BR S Steel

Bell & Ross has in fact entirely reinvented the notion of squaring the circle with its flagship models for aviators. A round peg in a square hole! The brand could not have dreamt up a better formula to attract the eye with an optical illusion that has become an emblem. Sobriety and elegance are on the agenda at the heart of the steel case with a remarkably slim ergonomic profile. Aviation codes can also be detected with white photo-luminescent hands and markers providing excellent readability.

Aviation BR S Steel

Aviation BR S Steel
© Bell & Ross

Cartier – Santos 100 Skeleton

Cartier has rounded angles with the iconic Santos watch. Unveiled on the watch scene in 1904, the lines of this square replica Rolex watches – at least where its dial is concerned – with their softened angles are remarkably modern. An ultra-contemporary style that the Santos 100 Skeleton version owes at least in part to its enormous proportions – 46.5mm x 54.9mm. The over-size palladium case houses an automatic skeleton movement with a highly graphic face. Transparency is the order of the day here and creates a fine balance with broad Roman numerals formed by the openworking of the bridges.


Santos 100 Squelette

Santos 100 Skeleton
© Cartier


Longines – Heritage Collection 1968

This Fake Watches boldly proclaims a retro style of which the sharp angles in no way affect comfortable wearability. Here, Longines redesigns a great classic from the 1960s with a perfect steel square measuring 26×26 mm and framing a dial soberly punctuated  by slender Roman numerals. In an original tip of the hat to the winds of freedom which blew through the Sixties, the date appearing through a slanted window at 5 o’clock cleverly disrupts the perfect geometry of the whole.


Heritage Collection 1968

Heritage Collection 1968
© Longines Replica Watches